Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Same ol'

Not much to report today. Packed all weekend. Supposed to be studying all week but all I'm doing is thinking about packing..thinking about studying.

Taking tomorrow off work to try and get my maths assignment done..then all that needs doing for maths is to cram like all hell the week before the exam.

It's my other unit I am worried about as I have to give a presentation, write a frikkin' research report and do weekly 'reflections' on each tutorial topic....haven't started ANY of that yet and it's all due within 2 or 3 weeks of me moving house. MUST finish the maths and start researching or I will be IN THE POO.

Weight wise, still trying to get rid of a kilo fluid I put on over the weekend. Been eating a few too many carbs since then so it's been taking a while to come off. Will cut right back to just protein and greens today and see how I go for my weigh in tomorrow. Would really love to hit the 75's this week.

Wish it would stop raining so I could do some BLOODY WASHING!!! grrr.



LizN said...

I would love some rain, send it this way please~

Frankie said...

OMG Liz you can have it! This is bloody's not supposed to rain this much!