Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 61 of 100


Things are going well on the fat loss front. Weight has been the same last few of days but body fat has been going down every day so - whooo hooo!

I haven't been doing my cardio but did weights on the weekend and lots of packing and lifting which is no doubt where the body comp changes have really come in as I've been using a lot of muscle.

Had a look at a couple of places last night. More than I can really afford but no choice in it. I am putting in an application this morning for a place just at the top of our street so wish me luck! It will be such a relief to get somewhere nearby. Not the prettiest place though. I've been spoiled the last few years with lovely polished jarrah boards in both my rentals but this place has cream carpet (which is looking really grotty) but I am sure I can transform the place into a home in no time.

It's very big with a garage that has room for my car AND all my weights gear so I won't have to get rid of anything. The three bedrooms are also big and the kitchen is going to be a luxury (old but big). Best thing is it's a LONG term investment property so hopefully we won't have to move for quite a few years. Going to try and move in around 9th of next month so I can be settled in before all my assignments etc are due.

Just want to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful friends, especially those I work with (and used to work with) eg Mowgli, Lara Croft, Spiffo, The Riddler and The One Formerly Known as Miss Moneypenny (who was my saviour last time). I've had so many offers of assistance with regard to moving, boxes, money - Office Food Wanker even slipped me a $50 the other day to help with expenses (he's not so much of a Food Wanker now either). My workmates really are like family to me xxx

On that note I will bugger off.


KRISTIN said...

Well done on your progress Frankie and I bet it feels great to be in to the weight training too!

Good luck with the place, I hope you get what you want and it works for you :)

K xoxo

Raechelle said...

Best of luck to you for getting that place...sounds like a good one and close by is so much easier!

Frankie said...

Thanks Kristin, Yep always feel better when I train :o)

Yep Raechelle...though still waiting to hear from them!

Hi Rae. Thanks for that. I was buying frozen cherries and whizzing them up with my choc pro powder but changed to raspberries for some reason..will have to change back I think. I'll definitely look into that. xxx