Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So for Hump Day I got a core biopsy on my left breast. Didn't hurt 'cos I'd slathered Emla cream on it beforehand and didn't even feel the local when they gave it to me. They ended up doing a fine needle aspiration AND the core biopsy which was a lot of digging around in my poor breast and the sensation was not a nice one. I had to walk around the rest of the day with an ice pack stuffed in my bra and it's going to be pretty bloody sore and bruised tomorrow.

Oh yeah..the zombie. Well that's what I feel like at the moment. I've been desperately needing a good night's sleep for a couple of weeks now and will try again tonight.

I was up past midnight last night looking for rentals on the internet. I don't know why. They were all the same ones that were up on there yesterday morning, and all the same ones that were on there this afternoon. Too small and too expensive.

I really need to try to not focus purely on the move as I still need to study and really need to get back into training as I've not done anything for two weeks. Anyway, that's all. Hopefully that's my last rant for a while. I hope to have my shit together by the end of the week but that has to start with some good quality sleep so I'm going to finish watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles and get to bed.

Nite all.


Nicole said...

I get the feeling you're just 'hanging on'. Breathe. You're a strong minded, independent woman. You are capable of dealing with all of this and more. But hey, if you fall into a heap every now and then, thats OK too. :) Feel what you need to feel. And breathe when you need to breathe. On the other side of all of this is pure sunshine. xx

Frankie said...

Thanks Nicole. Feeling a lot better today. The people I work with are awesome and have offered so much support. I know I'll just come out the other side even stronger. xxx

Erika said...

Hey Frankie, sorta know where you're coming from, but not the house hunting yet!

My mind is so much better when I am in ketosis, although I never show them (ie in pee), read ketogenic diet last night, one of Kyles early books. I think he has moved on with BFFM, a little, but same principles. Some bodies love those carbs and can lose weight, me nope. Some can't function mentally without carbs, but me I know myself. The last week has shown me they set me off in the biggest binge, all in the name of having a pooh!

I belive I have a wheat 'intolerance' not needing gluten free exactly. But bread and pasta made from wheat are the biggest no no's for me. I literally eaten pasta, I have he worst gut pain that I have thought I needed to go to hospital.

I hope that is what is emerging, that different people need to eat in differnt ways. In ketosis I have never felt that 'low carb head spin' ever. Excess carbs - for me and I stress that for me - make me tired and want to eat more.

Sorry long reply but hey, I know you'll forgive me... maybe I need to post my own blog about this....

Frankie said...

no worries Esme! Comment away.

Yeah. I get a little tired of people telling me to eat more and that I NEED carbs. I function better without them. And after that transitional period my strength is pretty much the same. Everyone says the brain can only run on carbs but that's not true, it can run up to 80% on ketones.

I don't show a lot of ketones in my urine, but yeah, that's not really a sign..I can FEEL when I'm there. Just not eating carbs today (except for my 4 crackers) I feel bright and clear, it's great!