Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So today I'm 45.

I thought this was going to be an awful birthday, one I'd want to forget. But just in the nick of time, hope has appeared. I won't know for sure until around 28th June, but I may have a permanent position as an Academic Support Officer at a School at the Uni where I am currently working.

Apparently the position had been advertised a couple of months ago and they didn't find anyone suitable. I just happened to send my resume to them last Monday, asking if they had any work, and they thought I might be suitable for the role.

I had a casual interview with the Dean of the School and his P/A and was asked to whip up a formal application letter so the other two members of the selection panel could have a look. Unfortunately they are both on leave until end of June so I won't know if the position is definitely mine until then.

But, 90% sure it's going ahead. Not going to be celebrating until it's confirmed but at least I'm sleeping again.'s my birthday! Mum gave me a Myer/Kmart/Target gift voucher and so did the kids so I've going to be buying myself something nice. Might wait until I've lost 10kg though and have it as a reward to buy a new piece of clothing.

Leaving work early today to enjoy my free birthday movie ticket from Hoyts. I'm seeing The A-Team and eating ice-cream and Red Rock Deli Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Chips (Oh-My-God).

So there.


Shar said...


Enjoy your movie, treats and the fact that theres a job on the horizon!!!

Shar x

Casey said...

OO Happy Birthday!

Hope the job comes through too, sounds like a good one.


Raechelle said...

Good news on the job...crossing fingers it comes through for you!
and I'll say it again..Happy Birthday!

Magda said...

sounds like a great plan Frankie. happy birthday and enjoy!

lastchancetraining said...

Happy Birthday Frankie :)

Em said...

Happy Birthday beautiful laydee! enjoy your day and your chippies yums!! xxxooo YAY re the jobski too, keep on hoping eh mwahs!!

Iris Flavia said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

What great Pressies, hope the 90 make 100%! Enjoy your day!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Frankie

Its fantastic news on the job front to, fingers crossed that it all works out the way you want.

Leisl said...

Woohoo! Happy birthday Frankie - enjoy all the yummy treats (cos I can't atm! LOL!). Hope the job comes through for ya. Fingers and everything else crossed for you :)


cam said...

Happy birthday Frankie. I love that you're having a happy week. Here's to plenty more of them.

Frankie said...

Thanks Everyone. I had a great day!

Kerry W said...

Hey Frankie

I seem to be on the late train with blogs and FB, but better late than never.

I'm glad you're birtday worked out and that you enjoyed it. How was A-Team? Hubby is hanging out to watch it with his best mate, but he's an A-Team fan from way back. He's read all the books

Anyway...I have my fingers crossed for you that you get the job! I'm glad to hear you're at least sleeping. Not sleeping really sucks!


P.S. Sorry about the lame birthday wishes on FB. I was tired and really couldn't be bothered much with FB last night. Feeble attempt, I know. :)

Frankie said...

Don't be silly Kerry, I loved your birthday wishes x

A-Team was REALLY good. Very funny and lots of HAWTNESS! he he

I am remaining cautiously optimistic about the job. It's just all the waiting around..arghh..seriously it's so stressful.

But there will be BIG celebrations if I get it!