Saturday, June 19, 2010

Birthday Gift

Well 'happy week' sure lived up to it's name :o)

For those of you that don't know already via Facebook - I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!

The Dean's PA called me yesterday to find out if I was still interested in the position (ummm...yeah!). They had managed to get in contact with the other members of the selection panel (who were on leave) and got the ok to go ahead.

So, it's official!

I sobbed with relief for a good 15 minutes yesterday and have randomly burst into tears a few times since then but it's ALL GOOD. If I had to write a scenario for the perfect job situation for me...this would be it. It's actually a full-time position but they are letting me do it at 80% so I only have to work 6 hours a day, which is ideal for me and the kids. And it's PERMANENT. Yippeeee!!!!!

Seriously...the kids and I have been living pay cheque to pay cheque for the last 7 years and it's taken it's toll. The stress every year (and recently every 6 months) of not knowing if my contract was going to be renewed has been very difficult. Also, because I've only been working 15 hours a week (initially as the kids were still young, and more recently because I was studying) I've not got a cent in savings.

With an unreliable 13 year old car and the constant insecurity of having to rent a house, every day has felt like living on a knife edge. I still owe a friend money that he lent me last year when we moved, and I owe my mother money after she forked out on her credit card to get my car fixed when it broke down AGAIN in April. How fucking embarrassing, having to tell the mechanic that my pensioner mum was going to pay for my repairs on her credit card. I never want to be in that situation again.

First priority is to put a good chunk of money aside for car repairs and moving house..should the need arise. Then, should things go arse up, I only need to worry about the inconvenience of it all, it's no longer a catastrophic event for us.

This is like the start of a whole new life for me and the kids. I will be totally supporting myself now as my working hours have doubled to 30 hours a week which means I will no longer be eligible for any of the single parent's benefit from the government. It's totally up to me now, and I love that it is.

Relief....that's the only way to describe it just pure RELIEF.

And a big THANK YOU to whoever or whatever is out there, looking after me and the kids.

I promise...I'll pay you back tenfold.


lastchancetraining said...

Frankie I am thrilled for you :) Hoping for nothing but the best for you :)

Shar said...

Frankie thats amazing!! so happy for you.x

Things happen for a reason, its just in the midst of difficulty/heartache/dispair we can see exactly what you needed has been given and it all becomes clear.

Good luck and enjoy this celebration with your kids. xxx
Shar xx

Shar said...

oppsy ....I meant we can't see clearly.

Sandra said...

Frankie, I've gone all teary reading this happy and proud of you Honey. We sometimes have to hit rock bottom in order to appreciate life to the full.
Happy Birthday!
:D :D :D

A Healthier Happier Me said...

Hi Frankie
Happy Birthday, what a wonderful gift!!


Just wanted to let you know, I think you may stil be eligible for family tax benefit part b, if things haven't changed, any single parent used to be eligible regardless of income....... Just check with c'link. Hope you don't mind the advice! :)

Frankie said...

Thanks guys. I am thrilled to bits. And as the Dean said, if the Centre wasn't closing, I would never have found out about this great opportunity! Everything does happen for a reason.

PS - yep still qualify for FTB part A and B x

Casey said...

Awesome! Congrats on the job. news of the day.Very happy for you.

Chelle said...

Congratulation babe, what an awesome birthday present!

Vix said...

Best news ever Frankie. I am wrapt for you. What a perfect end to a great week xx

Miss.K said...

Happy Birthday!

(not a stalker I used to follow you on my previous blog last year!)

And fab news about the job!

nwtrunner said...

So good to hear and read Frankie, and couldn't happen at a better time to a nicer person :-) I think it's good for both you and the good veterinarians at Murdoch. Congratulations and what a way to celebrate your birthday!

Frankie said...

Thanks everyone. It's still sinking in. Might take a while :o)

Miss Katie haha. no I know you're not a stalker, I had wondered what had happened to you. Checking out your new blog now!

Erika said...

It's great to see good things happen to those who truly deserve it. Erika

Kerry W said...

Hey Frankie

The best birthday gift of all! I'm sooooooo HAPPY for you!!! I can understand you bursting into tears. All that pent up emotion and years of struggling...and you've done AMAZINGLY well considering, and have done yourself proud as mum of two gorgeous should be proud! :)

Well it's definitely onward and upward from here girl. I can't wait to hear all about the next chapter in your life.

Kerry XOX

Ms Smack said...

Wonderful wonderful news. As a single mother who understands what that kind of isolated pressure is like, I say GOOD ON YA!

Now, knock them dead and you'll get promoted ASAP!

Frankie said...

Thanks Es, Kerry and Ms Smack.

Peace of mind a wonderful thing!

Iris Flavia said...

Wow, YAY, big congrats!!! That´s really, really great news!