Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Venturing out of my cave - A catch-up post

So I'm back out of my cave (for good this time I hope).

Apologies for being a big sookie la la. It's been a really difficult time (and not even unemployed yet!) The work situation has been a stressful and protracted affair over the last year or so, and now that I know that I am definitely not working for my current employer after 30 June, I am finding I can actually focus a little better.

This is basically a catch up post as I've really neglected my blog lately. I've left things half finished as well as 'half-blogged', so I thought I would tie up a few loose ends (in case you were interested).

I also feel like an incredibly slack cow with regards to my online friends. You've been such a great support to me and lately I've not been reading/commenting or participating in general as I've been totally consumed with my work/financial situation. Sorry guys.

Not too much to tell really.

Well, I gave myself an ulcer and also ulcerated my esophagus from taking anti-inflammatories on an empty stomach..ONCE..what an idiot. I know they affect me and I usually only take the odd one with food but I was in a hurry to go to mum's for New Year's lunch and in lots of pain so downed two...with a cup of coffee.


That's gonna take a while to heal.

Hmmm.....what else? Oh yeah..the whole unemployment thing - I've crapped on about that enough....

Argh....my FM and my back - Totally fucked but working on it. Have not had physio or chiro since January. 1 - because I am broke, and 2 - because they were doing bugger all good. There was just no point in going anymore, especially to the chiro. At one stage I was going 3 times a week and was still just as bad (and used ALL my savings). I have decided that I need to heal myself. No amount of chiro or physio is going to help if I am not doing the exercises I need to do to strengthen and stabilise my spine and other joints. I am in desperate need of treatment though but it is just a waste of money without the rehab to back it up. Once I start to feel definite improvement (and once I get a job), then I will go back.

Ahhh....Manflesh! ZILCH - not that I've been looking. I have spoken to Mr Man a couple of times on the phone recently and was considering meeting him for coffee but had a moment of clarity last week and realised that it would totally not work so will just concentrate on me-me-me for the time being.

The kids - they're fine...

that's about it!


Shar said...

Glad your back Frankie.

Frankie said...

Hi Shar. Thanks :0)

Need to pop over to Blogger Buddies later and do an update/take 2!

Sue said...

I hope you start to feel better, both with your FM and your job situation and just your everyday mojo :}

Kerry W said...

Missed ya buddy. :) Keep on truckin'...you're worth it! ;) All I can do is pray and send lots of loving and supportive vibes.. ((((((XOX))))))

Frankie said...

Thanks Sue. I'm feeling better already :)

I've missed you too Crusty. Thanks for the vibes...they arrived a little while ago x

Flea said...

glad you're back too and if you take baby steps at a time things will fall in p;ace!!

Iris Flavia said...

That sounds really difficult with a diet - hope you manage without problems! I have a stomach like a horse, I´m really lucky, I guess!

Frankie said...

Hi Flea...yeah let's hoping this plan all comes together (finally!) x

Thanks Iris. Yeah it's a little difficult but as long as I steer away from 'acidic' foods I think I should be ok....even if I can only do it short term or in short stints I will still lose some weight :o)

Erika said...

Glad to see you Back. I know how you feel re upset gut! Just been diagnosed with helicobacter pylori AGAIN. No 4. So really trying to hit it with the antibiotics. This was the worst though, so much pain! Feeling better now, though.