Saturday, September 24, 2011

10 years on...and Catch up Vlog

Well this was supposed to be a really awesome vlog about the 10 years I've been a single mum, but it just ended up being me rambling and playing with my hair a lot.

You get that....


emma said...

awww that was just lovely :)

thanks for sharing. you look beautiful and you're hilarious - "i'm going to get my list...oh, there wasn't any more" LOL very cute.

hearing you talk about your children is so heart warming. congrats on a wonderful ten years.

hope your dreams come true in the next ten as well.

emma x

Ms Smack said...

I concur with the lovely Emma. You're a beautiful woman. Don't settle for less than what you deserve next time.


Kitty said...

hahahaha, what a cool chat


Fifi said...

emma - thanks. I always light up when I talk about my kids. Although, Ethan is a bit of a cunt, but still lovely :)

Smack - nope, no settling here xxx

Kitty - hehe yeah it turned out a bit like that didn't it? Just chattin' with my mates... x

Em said...

:) you're gorgeous x

Fifi said...

So are you Em! xxx

Kek said...

Awww... I've only just seen this tonight. Every time I tried to watch it, I was on my phone (won't play videos -boo!) or our internet speed was snail's pace.

I have no idea what iS WRONG with all the guys in Perth. They're obviously mental, or they'd be bashing your door down.

Can't wait to to catch up with you again in a few weeks. Squeee!

Fifi said...

aw thanks Kek. Yeah, can't wait to catch up again. Want to make sure I do a trip at LEAST once a year. x

Friday said...

Brilliant... Loved it!

The friday night was fun even if you did bawl all night, so much group hugging!!!

The Bay at Mordialloc is where you ran into Chris... although you were so sure it wasnt him cos he was 'in Melbourne'. Funniest part was you realising you were too!!

Cant wait till you come interstate again. How lucky am I to be a part of it, um..again!!

See you soon!


Fifi said...

Friday -

1. I didn't cry ALL night. I was also doing re-enactments of bizarre sex accidents.

2. Ok yes I thought it was odd that I saw him as he's in Melbourne, completely forgetting I was also in Melbourne. That's how much you girls made me feel at home obviously.

3. Yes! Coming to impose on you sooon!