Friday, September 23, 2011

A conversation with my mother

I wish my mum had never joined Facebook, and I'm kicking myself for telling her to join.  She stalks my profile every night and interrogates me later about things she just doesn't 'get'.  Subsequently, I've stopped posting anything bloody interesting on my regular profile and had to start a separate 'Fifi' profile.

Another one who's regretting my mother's presence is my daughter.  A 15 year old girl does not need her nanna stalking her either.  I often get calls asking me to clarify something Alex has said or done online.

Below is a transcript of last night's call...

Mum:  You didn't tell me Alex had a job.

Me:  Ah, that's because she hasn't got a job.

Mum:  Yes she has.  She said on Facebook she has a job.

Me:  Mum, I think I would know if my own daughter has a job!

Mum:  Well maybe she doesn't tell you everything.  Have a look at her profile.  Up the top where it says 'Works at'.

Me:  Ok, hang on....

Me:  Ok.


Kek said...

Haha! No way am I letting my mother on FB. I regret friending my sister, who opens her big mouth and blabs about stuff Mum doesn't need to know. Time to set up some lists and restrict what they can see....

Erika said...

Funny! I gues that's why my 15 tyear old nephew won't friend me,seems I'm not to take it personally. Wonder how long my 12 year old need will be my friend!

Anonymous said...

That is fucking hilarious!!!
My mum is on FB too - but she's kinda cool so that's ok. And she just ignores the shit I post lol

von LX said...

My mom's VCR still blinks "12:00!"

Raechelle said...

haha! funny!

Kitty said...

i shit-talk FB whenever my dad mentions it. i rubbish it totally.

can you IMAGINE my dad on my FB?

*bang* *thud*

Ms Smack said...

hahaahahahah me and Alex work together don't you know?

Might be time to do some serious learning of the new privacy settings everyone's talking about.


Casey said...

Haha, I think I work there too!

Seriously though, this became quite a big problem for me & my mumsy. I love her to bits but had to block her to help her with her own addiction, she'd call me about every little post and get seriously upset if I didn't like or comment on something she posted, I felt like I was on big brother.

Fifi said...

Kek,yep done!

Erika - Alex doesn't seem to mind. I told her she could unfriend me but she doesn't want to.

Vix - my mum is the opposite of cool.

LX - hahahah so does my mum's. I always end up having to reset or fix something when I am there.

Raechelle - Funna weird or funny haha? whole family is 'funny'

Kitty - oh god, no I can't hahahahaha

Smack - oh yeah I never realised. Ok since you are the treasurer can you please organise a raise for her??

Casey - yup, mine is the same. But it's also the rambling, non relevant comments she and my aunt leave. Embarrassing!!!