Saturday, February 14, 2009

To my Ex Husband

Dear Dickhead,
Hope you're having a nice Valentine's Day date with that girl you met on the internet last week. I'm having a great time at home with the screaming, fighting, feral kids you impregnated me with and were supposed to have this fortnight so I could have a fucking weekend off!!
Love Frankie

Thanks to Jeh for the link. Click HERE for yours!


Miss Tank said...

Oh gosh Frankie, you are so bloody funny, just think what goes around comes around, karma will bite the sperm donor on the ass eventually!

KRISTIN said...

you go girl! let it out!

Kerry W said...

"the precious made us do it" (pro-create).

Lucky your kids got the best deal in the DNA stakes, Frankie (that would mean your DNA dear). :)

Flea said...

Yip, best to let it all out!!

Frankie said...

he he he...I sent him the photo too!