Tuesday, April 14, 2009


....about Blockbuster Guy. Thanks so much for your comments ladies. I will point out though that even though I've had a big crush on him for nearly 7 years that doesn't mean that I haven't been going out with other guys or anything. I well and truly did the dating thing after I split with my husband. In the first 3 years after we split I think I had nearly 30 dates from guys I met on RSVP (but that's a whole other story :oS )
Don't worry, I'm not sitting at home pining for BB Guy, I just get all fluttery if I see him around. I think he's probably married, or maybe has been most of the time I've been here. But I guess the only way to find out is to chat again so if we get talking again I will let you know. He IS very yummy ;o)


Kerry W said...

Didn't want to bore you with any small talk...lol... :)

Frankie said...

thanks he he