Monday, April 6, 2009

Pinkness, Hot Tea and Poo Cherries

So I've finally got around to posting. Thing is there's been no real reason for me not posting. I just found it got harder and harder to come back and post, the longer I went. I had my brain explosion, took a week off work, in which time absolutely nothing changed. So here I am.

I tell a lie. Something did change - my bedroom. I spend a lot of time in here and it had started to resemble something you'd see on Steptoe and Son with piles of magazines, newspapers, articles, clothes...gawd the place was a disgusting mess and I was sitting in it for hours at a time. So...I grabbed a few big boxes and packed up everything that wasn't of immediate need and stuffed it in the shed (and btw the stuff is still there after 3 weeks and I've not missed it so it's yet to be seen what I do with it all).
Then - decided to make my room a 'relaxing haven'. And that involved PINK. Not heaps of it but just enough to change the feel of it. A few pink containers for my desk. A little pink floor rug under my chair and 6 metres of pink organza on the window...ahhhhhh...every time I walk in here there's an ethereal glow of soft pinkness and it immediately relaxes me.
Now I'm not a girlie girl. I look ridiculous in anything resembling a dress (unless low cut and slinky) or anything with a frill or puffy sleeves, but I'm "embracing the pink" and loving it. As a colour to wear, it really suits me too and makes my face light up. A nice soft baby pink t-shirt does wonders for my complexion.
I also bought a makeup mirror with a light and set up all my makeup and stuff on my desk so I've got a nice place to put on my make up in the mornings before work. I'm enjoying that.

Hot Tea
I am scarred for life (unless the vitamin E cream kicks in). I was making myself a hot cup of tea a couple of weeks ago and immediately after I poured the water in the mug, I knocked it over and it's entire contents ran painfully down my right groin and thigh area. I screamed bloody murder and ran to the shower where I stayed for a good 15 minutes under the cold water.
Then it was cold packs and frozen peas for about half an hour until the pain stopped. It was pretty sore and red for a few days and then the blisters started. Ouch....especially in my groin, right where the elastic of my undies goes. Anyway, the blisters came, oozed and dried up and now I'm left with brown flaky discolouration that I'm madly treating with vitamin E. Maybe not scarred for's not like anyone sees my groin - right?

Poo Cherries
Ah....the Poo Cherry. Ya know how people, when they want to describe something extra special that makes everything just perfect they say "that's the cherry on top". Yeah...well my buddy and I coined the phrase "Poo Cherry" a couple of years ago. What's a Poo Cherry? It's that little extra kick in the guts....the Poo Cherry on top of your already massive pile of shit that just makes you want to give up. That's a Poo Cherry. Doesn't have to be anything's just..MORE.
Well I already had my shit pile when my brain was exploding and then came the Poo Cherry - a rental inspection. I'd already put in for leave from work so I could spend a week on ME ME ME...and then I end up spending the week on FUCKING HOUSEWORK. Ok...not the whole week but I couldn't really enjoy myself knowing that the inspection was coming.
There are of course variations on the Poo Cherry. Poo sprinkles happen too. Hot scalding tea down your groin I guess could be classed as one of those (if the Poo Cherry has already occurred). Dickhead loser ex husband emailing to say he can't have kids on the Friday AGAIN because he's going somewhere with skanky ho ex-girlfriend who he's supposed to have broken up with...more Poo Sprinkles. You get the idea. So I've had my fill of poo....basically.
There's more poo but I can't be bothered even talking about it because everyone's got poo. Especially my cat Poppy...or should I say POOPY. She's got diarrhea and I don't really know where to classify that. Just MORE FUCKING POO!!! Poppy doesn't use the litter tray. She likes to poo on the floor next to the litter tray. Which means I have to clean it up with a paper towel. I don't like cleaning up cat diarrhea with a paper towel.....every hour. Poo.
Well. There you have it.

PS - Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed to check up on me. It was much appreciated. I've not been reading or commenting much either lately so I'm going to try and catch up over the next week or so.
I'm going to pretend the last few weeks never happened. Back to it then.....



Kerry W said...

I really missed your posts Frankie! Enjoyed this one...especially the 'Poo Cherries'. Nice to have a chuckle here on my lonesone...hubby away, phil in bed, and no sleep last night (phil had temp & vomiting). About to toddle off to bed, chuckling about 'poo cherries'...he..he..

Witchazel said...

Frankie!!! ALOE VERA FOR THE BURN!!!! Just find a plant, cut off a leaf and coat the scars with the gooo.. I took a hot bike exhaust sized lump out of my calf last year -OUCH! and I had the burn for about 2 months never really healing, then finaly listened to my mum and put some Aloe gooo on it and kazam! gone in a week... works on old scars to! I have a trillion plants of it now for us and the dogs.. doesn't sting either

KRISTIN said...

welcome back Frankie! so sorry to hear about your poo cherry with sprinkles on top... sounds like you need to blow out a friggin candle and wish someone else happy birthday, cause it sure as hell doesn't sound like it's yours, you poor thing! nevermind, we like to hear from you, good or bad, totally understand about how the blog can drift away.... but hey, we are here to listen to the crap and the good stuff, so bring it and we'll all listen and bitch with you :)

chin up babe, enjoy that pink room, sounds like the change is as good as a holiday for you :)

K xoxox

Hilary said...

Bugger, doesn't sound like you've been having much fun lately!! Hope the burns dont leave any permanent scars...

My cat doesn't poo in the tray either - he actually puts his whole body in the tray, and drops his poop over the edge onto the ground. Dumb cat! He thinks he's doing it in the tray though lol!

Hope things start picking up for you - keep your chin up!

Hilary xx

judestone said...

Frankie! Oh man, am so glad to see you back.

Things don't sound like they've been going so great - but seriously, poo cherries! It is so apt!

I just hope that you get the down time you need so you can regroup!

Raechelle said...

Ouch on the burn chicky! Paw paw is good for things like that too...and I think can help to lessen any scarring.
Glad to see your back!
Just can't keep a good blogger down hey!

Kerry W said...

Hope you don't think I'm oblivious to the serious side of your post - I just happened to see the 'funny side', even with all the crap you've been through!

Sending you hugs and sexy bitch! :)

Frankie said...

Thanks Kerry. Yeah...Poo Cherries....we all got 'em! Hope Phil's feeling better. If there's anything worse than a cat with diarrhea it's a vomitting child...

Witchazel! Thanks for reminding me about the Aloe Vera. I used to have some in the garden when I married and used it all the time. I think the neighbours have some I can steal :)

Thanks Kristin. I'm getting on top of things. Nothing major but as I said, just lots of POO. I'm back blogging now and hopefully won't have another brain snap for a while.

Hilary...hahahaha....yeah my other cat does that sometimes. Carefully perched and then PLOP! Just thankful mine both actually hit the tray with their wee.

Jude! Hey there. I'm glad to be back too. I missed everyone. I'm fine. Trying to find creative ways to deal with the stress. Just had a nice kid free weekend so that helped.

Thanks Raechelle. Paw paw? I'll have a look around. I know we do get them here. I'll probably post too much now as I've got a few things to waffle on about.

Kerry..don't be silly. I know how much you worry. I'm glad you appreciate the absurdity of it all. Humour is my way to cope and I'm glad I can make you smile :oD

Raechelle said...

The paw paw is in an can get it at Woolies-or at the chemist.

Frankie said...

hahahaha...oh ointment. Thanks Raechelle! I do need things explained to me sometimes. My mum is big on paw paws actually 'cos she's from Sri Lanka so she always tries to get the fresh ones when she sees them.


Stephanie Davis said...

oh dear frankie! i am very impressed with how you maintain your sense of humour :) your cat story and the other comments made me smile. im lucky- my two seem to have mastered the litter tray however, whenever I have just mopped the floor seems to be a perfect time to hurl up a furball... out comes the papertowels! chin up! xx

Frankie said...

Hi Steph! Yeah....I just gotta laugh. Most things are quite ludicrous actually, no point moping.

Now do NOT get me started about cat vomit....there's a suspicious smell under my bed and I'm not going under there....

Nicole said...

I'm so glad to see you back Frankie. Fuck you make me laugh. i love your writing style - your should really think about writing as a career/hobbie if you don't already.

I was about to send you an email to tap on your head to see if you were still here.... Oh, I've fixed my internet explorer error so my blog is readable again !!

Cheers Nic x

Frankie said...

Hey Nicole! Nice to see you. Glad you enjoy my ramblings. I will try and keep it up now through good times and bad as that's what I started it for.

Going to get to some serious blog reading tonight to catch up. So glad you've sorted yours as it let me on once and then starting rejecting me again. I can catch up now. On quick glance it looks e you've made HUGE progress!

Miss Tank said...

i am bloody loving you are back - i TRULY love reading your blog - your style is awesome, you are awesome......

ps: paw paw is amazing - i use it for everything!

Frankie said...

Fern if I'm awesome then you are like THE GODDESS of AWESOMENESS.

So there.

Flea said...

Soooo glad you're back, you are one of my most fav bloggers, you make me laugh no matter how much poo you talk. LOL
Glad you're back and AOK.

Frankie said...

Hey Flea. I'm glad I make you laugh! Going to read your email now!