Tuesday, April 21, 2009

D'oh, I'm like soooo good

Funny thing happened on the way in to work. I walked over to the lift (yes I know I should take the stairs but my legs are still like jelly) and there's a woman I don't recognise...not unusual as I work at a uni and there's thousands of people I don't recognise. Out of the blue she says "Hi, I'm Blah di Blah"...and I'm like.. "...o-k.." accompanied by blank stare. She continues..."oh I thought you might be here for the Gifted and Talented Workshop"...."ummm....no", "Oh sorry but I just thought you looked, well........'gifted'." - WTF?
Here's a photo of me at work today looking gifted.

Get back to work!
EDIT - and......I just had my naturopath appointment and she told me I was "so vibrant for 43". I'm VIBRANT! I feel like the pig in Charlotte's Web (the 1973 version of course)...no wait, that was 'radiant'...whatever. I imagine I'm probably that too.
I am seriously full of myself today.
Shut UP.


Nicole said...

That internal dialogue rocks !!! Well done on all counts Frankie! But especially for talking nicely to yourself

Frankie said...

Thanks Nicole. I thought it was about time :oD

Flea said...

I'm jealousssssss but so happy for you, now send more vibes up to the Northern burbs ok. You look very clever too.

Frankie said...

he he Flea...sending positive vibes.....((((((((NOW)))))))))

judestone said...

It's 6am, I'm bleary eyed and on the verge of a vile cold, but this post totally made my day! Already!

Well done on the scale front, but mainly in the "PHWOAAAAAAAAAAR" stakes (looking hawt).


Frankie said...

he he.. hi Jude. Glad I made you smile. Hope you manage to fight off the lurgie!