Thursday, April 16, 2009

Massive Poo Cherry

Bloody Car!

I knew it! Poo Cherry!! As soon as I decide to spend some money on me me me, bloody universe has turned against me. Waits until I buy an LCD TV with my Rudd money and then decides for my car to overheat and be totally stuffed! I will putt putt down to the garage today but seriously, if it's more than a couple of hundred dollars to fix I am totally fucked. And there goes my Naturopath program as well.
On top of that, darling ex husband called and told me his job may get a little dodgy with all these people being laid off. He's in bauxite mining industry and prices have dropped considerably. FAAAARRRRRKKKKK! As much as I whinge and moan about him he gives me HEAPS of money and has never missed a payment in nearly 8 years. He is the reason the kids and I live in a nice area and they get to go to a nice public school. I feel like I want to throw up.
Anyway....I'm finally in ketosis so the fat should start melting at a nice rate now. It's a good half hour uphill walk back from the service station after dropping the car off so that should help. Although, my body hasn't adapted fully yet and my legs are like jelly so I may end up a quivering mess on the side of the road.
I'd better get moving.
EDIT - well I just got back from the mechanic - new radiator needed. It's gonna be around $350 so I think I can manage it with some creative accounting and by buying black and gold brand groceries for next month or so.
However, walking back from the servo I did manage to see a cement truck being cleaned out on the edge of a lake and nature reserve so I've reported them to the enviromental watchdog people and hopefully the universe with be suitably impressed with me and send no more poo cherries. I'm such a suck.


Vix said...

Murphy's Law is what they call it Frankie. When it rains, it freaking pours!!

Hopefully your good deed for the day will pay off and Mrs Karma will be super nice to you from now.


Raechelle said...

Total bummer dude! But I'm thinking that the good deed will pay off for sure!

Friday said...

Oh that sucks the big one...
I know what ya mean though re the rudd money. I havent got mine yet and I just know something will break when I do, so Im just gonna pretend Im not getting it.
Hope theres no more poo cherrys for you.

Kerry W said...

Sending you hugs, cause that's all I have to offer! :(

Tearose said...

lol, isn't that the way it always works? and why is that?! I hope you get a windfall of money. Were still waiting for our Rudd money, We don't get to actually spend it though lol. dam! :P

Frankie said...

Vicki - tell me about it! Friggin Murphy! Yes, Mrs Karma will love me now :)

Raechelle - I hope so too!

Friday - OMG it happens to me ALL the time. Someone's trying to teach me to save I think.

Thank Kerry - hugs much appreciated :)

Hey Tearose. Yeah, I'll be saving anything else I get. I hate getting in the poo like this.

Flea said...