Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Put on a happeee face

So there's me being happy. No really..I'm feeling a lot better than the last week or so. Knowing I can improve things on my own with supplementation has improved my mood already. Knowledge is power!
Now that I'm posting again here's a catch up...
Wall o' Man and I are putting off our coffee meeting (although I would rather a DRINK meeting) until after New Years as we are both flat out, he's working double shifts, moving house just after Christmas and I'm just not in the mood.
I got a new phone....a Nokia E71 (their version of the Blackberry). It didn't cost me anything as I just had to lock in my current plan for 2 years..which I would have done anyway. Very excited about that as it's like a portable office, syncs with my Outlook and beeps at me ALL day reminding me to do stuff.
Tomorrow is my last day of work for nearly 3 weeks. Don't go back until 5th January. Better still is the fact that it is because the uni is closed and none of it comes out of my annual leave!
The kids are going to Coffs Harbour again this year with their dad. He's taking them to Movie World and some other random World up there in QLD with all their cousins. They are leaving on 31st December and back on 18th January so some nice quiet time there for me (and I really need it).
My sister (in Seattle) is coming over for a couple of weeks (when my kids get back) along with her hubby and my beautiful niece. Haven't seen her since May last year so really looking forward to that.
Hmm...what else?
Oh yeah as you can see from the photo I've coloured my hair again. The foils were growing out and didn't want to get more as my hair was a little dry so put a semi-permanent through. You can still see the foils but they blend in more to disguise the roots.
Project Sexy Bitch 2010 is still ALL GO. I WILL be a Sexy Bitch some 2010.
Umm.....that's about it.


Em said...

Looking very smashing there Frankie, beautiful! I like the colour actually.
Lots of time off will do you good.
Enjoy every moment of it all!

Raechelle said...

Love the pic..totes adorbs!!
Wow, 3 weeks off...yay for you!
Glad you are back in a good head spot...yes-knowledge is power for sure!
Ooohhh...someone from Seattle...very close to my home town! :-)

Sandra said...

You're looking gorgeous, Miss SB Frankie.
I am also slowly but surely going back to a darker hair color, less hassle with regrowth etc.
Enjoy every minute of your time off. Looking forward to sharing 2010 with you.

Flea said...

Lurve the pic, you look very happy!!
I'll email you soon.

KatieP said...

You are drop dead gorgeous ... enjoy your well deserved rest and recovery over Christmas ♥

Miss Tank said...

you don't need no sexy bitch operation - you are a sexy bitch NOW.....

bloody gorgeous thing you are !!!

Kerry W said...

Looking HOT as usual Frankie. ;) Glad to hear things are looking on the bright side again for you. It's amazing how knowledge about something can change your whole outlook. Yep...Year of the Sexy you come! :P

P.S. Thanks for the update...HOLIDAYS...woohoo!

Frankie said...

Thanks Em..OMG I am SO looking forward to the time off (and the kid free time too he he).

Hey Raechelle. Thanks :o) Yeah, great spots there on the NW coast.

Thanks Sandra. Yeah hopefully 2010 will be FAB for both of us. Not been to keen on this year that's for sure!

Well I'm getting there Ms Flea xxx

Thanks Katie :o) I am going to make sure I enjoy and take the time out to get my physical and mental sides sorted and balanced.

He he..thanks Fern...well AM a sexy bitch I guess..but wouldn't mind the hot bod to match my dirty mind hahaha!

Kerry - YAYS! - Holidaze! Thanks bud... still feeling exceptionally positive about 2010 despite all the crap that's gone down this year. NEXT!

Tearose said...

Beautiful pic Frankie!! Your phone interests me. I need to get one very soon. I like that Project Sexy Bitch, I am undertaking my own version of that. 2010 is going to be a great year! Christmas is almost hereee!! (I'm just happy cuz I get to eat yummies)

Frankie said...

Hey Tea. I can really recommend the phone. I've had it a couple of weeks and still in love with it. Do a search on youtube and you'll see some reviews for it. Yay! another Sexy Bitch!

nwtrunner said...

Okay, as the Canadian on this list, and as the over-the-hill guy on this list, can I just say that you're looking hot, that you're doing great, and that you're the bestest blogger ever?! Just so you know.... :-)

Jehanne said...

You r already a sexy bitch babe! xx

Frankie said...

Alasdair ((hugs)) as always xxx

Thanks Jeh you gorgeous girly!

Lisa Jane said... are such a spunk...looking gorgeous there lovely. And that smile. I'm going over to my blog and taking the new pic I put up DOWN...I look like a heifer compared to you LOL.

Remember, you ever want to talk about the meds etc, my email is or just yell and I'll give you my number.

Its been awesome meeting you this year and I feel blessed to call you a friend gorgeous.


Frankie said...

Oh don't be silly you know how many shots got binned before I found one that didn't show my jowells and chicken neck LOL!!!

Luv having you as a friend to LJ..can't wait for you to come over to Perth again. I hope to get to Melbourne sometime too.

Robyn said...

Enjoy the you time in January!

You're already looking pretty sexy, btw. Although, I do understand that sexy-bitch is a whole other ball park! ;)

You're keeping us in suspense re wall-o-man...

Frankie said...

haha..yeah Robyn I really really am trying to muster up some enthusiasm to go on a date but I just can't manage it. The heat sucks all the life out of me. If it was winter..I'd be there!