Saturday, December 26, 2009


Now I'm happy.

Don't get me wrong, I actually ended up having a much nicer Christmas than anticipated as I made some rules and stuck to them and it worked out quite well ie we will do ALL our visiting on Christmas Day, I will not be my mother's taxi service (love ya really mum). I'm very glad to get back to my normal routine today though.

The kids and I had a lovely morning opening presents yesterday. They scored pretty well and are quite spoilt. I've included photos of them with their 'main' presents this year - an iPod Touch for Alex and NERF Longshot for Ethan (he's got a whole frikkin' arsenal now...luckily they only shoot foam bullets!).

I gave strict instructions for no chocolates for me this year (as I can always pinch a few of the kids ones) but Bad Santa ended up buying me a box of Caramel Belgian Truffles...which have somehow disappeared..well????.it was a really really small box ;)

The kids (via ex-hubby who, it appears is not completely useless after all) gave me a George Foreman steamer which I wanted (yays!) and then mum totally surprised me with a George Foreman Grill! I'd been going on about how I was going to try and find one in the after Christmas sales but she got in first.

Naughty Nanna also got me a bottle of divine Bombay Sapphire Gin, which I shall be sipping with tonic and lime, on my verandah, on lazy Friday afternoons over summer (that seems to be the only time I feel like a drink, other than when I have a social thingemy).
After lunch the kids and I spent an hour at my mum's brother's place and then an hour at her sister's place..that was all.
The best bit was coming home and flaking on the couch under the aircon. The kids and I, all in the same room but all on different media. I nodded off while watching Star Trek Movie, Ethan was watching youtube clips about NERF Gun assault tactics when killing zombies on my laptop with the headphones on and Alex was busy exploring her iPod Touch. Didn't speak much but we were all in the same room which was the best bit :o)
Today I will do more relaxing, read the instructions and recipe books for my George Foreman haul (as I've got big plans for a healthier eating plan for both myself and the kids for 2010 and beyond) and get a cardio workout in this evening. Perfect!
Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas xxx


Ms Smack said...

Merry Christmas Frankie.

Looks like you did pretty well eh?

See you in 2010.

Hilary said...

You did good!! I'm sure the George Foreman stuff will be getting a great workout over the coming weeks!

Glad to hear that you had a nice day, and didn't have to spend all day driving around.

Hilary xx

Miss Tank said...

You and me = SAME - I got the George Grill - the big kickass one - been using the one that you can only fit one half chook breast on - so it would take me a very fucking long time to cook a week's worth - now i can do it all in one hit - HOORAY FOR GEORGE - we love you!!!

Sandra said...

Glad you had a good Christmas, Frankie. I bought the big huge GF grill a while back and I use it 6 out of 7 nights a week...interested to see what you think of the steamer...
I'm glad the whole Christmas thing is over too, I ended up having a pretty good day after all :)

Pip said...

Late Merry Christmas Frankie!

George Foreman's rock!!!!!

I saw your transformation photo over 2009, - Jan and Dec comparisons in jeans and orange singlet!

Wow, - TOP work!!! Looking much leaner and more confident now! You have put in a good effort, (even if you say only at times), - not sure I believe that haha! But the fact that you've managed to stay away from bingeing and letting loose totally means that the slimmer you is a totally deserved reality!!! Nice work!

I didn't achieve my goals this year, - had positive stints and other times I totally went off the rails again, - but still am not heavier, - infact a couple of kilos lighter than this time last year, a couple of kilos lighter than the year before as well.

Life changing 2010 is on it's way :-)

nwtrunner said...

Hey Frankie - looks like you all had a great Christmas Day, although I've still gotta wrap my head around the idea of having the air conditioner going on Christmas Day! The GF grill and steamer will give you lots of great healthy meals in 2010 and then we'll be seeing even less of you, right?!

Frankie said...

Thanks Smack, yeah scored bigtime! Merry Christmas!

Hilary for once I wasn't a taxi..although ended up driving the kids around most of boxing day, such social lives they have.

Hey Fern, yeah I was DYING to try George out. Everyone says how great it is so can't wait to get started.

Hey Sandra:o) A friend of mine has a similar steamer and says it just cooks the veges perfectly so hopefully this will be the same. Can put chicken in foil or fish at the bottom as well.

Thanks Pip...I'm trying. Yeah I've been reading your journey too. It's difficult though to change a whole ingrained lifestyle. I know myself I lost that initial weight and then seems like I've been losing and puttong on the same 3 or 4 kilos the whole rest of the year! let's say 2009 was a practice run and 2010 is the main event xxx

Hey Alasdair..yes I DEFINITELY think you will be seeing much less of me! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xxx

SeLiNa said...

Hey! That George looks the same as the one I got! ;) I got one of the grills, just the one person one, a few years back and it's a well-used item in my kitchen!
U used your steamer yet? I bet I can somehow manage to stuff up the steamed veges... coz that's just what I'm like with appliances... ;)

Frankie said...

No Selina I've not used it yet. I unpacked it and looked at all the bits and can't be bothered reading the instructions. Will have to read them before dinner time!

Chrissey said...

Hey Frankie :-)
I'm glad you've had a very Merry Christmas (chockies and all ;-) lol)

And it's great to see you planning your goals for next year too!
I've been thinking about the same since yesterday, and have typed them out on Lindy's forum.

So they are to:
Lose more body fat (currently 75kgs, want to sit at 65kgs)
Stay fit and healthy
Eat clean
Compete in my first firgure comp (preferably on the 12 month anniversary of when Istarted the whole weight loss thing)

All the best with your goals- I know you'll be smashing it in 2010 with me! :D

Chrissey xx