Friday, January 1, 2010

Beautiful Bloggies

Yep I've been tagged too. Thought I'd better actually do this one as the lovely Tearose has tagged me a couple of times and I've been too slack to do it! This time I was tagged by Ms Raechelle.
So 7 things you may not know about me....
  1. I have dual Australia/United States citizenship. Dad was a US Marine, mum is Sri Lankan.
  2. In the mid-80's I used to play keyboards and sing back up in a coverband called 'Boxcars'. We played in many of the pubs around Perth.
  3. I haven't been to the beach in about 6 years. I don't like the heat. I don't do bathers (would love to change that though).
  4. I won't wear my hair tied back in public because I am embarrassed about the acne scars on my cheeks so I swelter under my long locks instead.
  5. I cheated on my ex-husband with an ex-boyfriend. It was a year into our relationship and we weren't living together yet. I should have taken it as a sign then (but then I wouldn't have my gorgeous bratlets.) Only time I was ever unfaithful to anyone.
  6. I hand sew teddy bears with moveable limbs. I make them out of German mohair and they have glass eyes. I used to sell them for $60 but now don't have enough time to make them.
  7. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with The Slovakian, even though we have never met and probably never will.

I'm not tagging 'cos I think everyone's been covered!

Happy New Year!!



Kerry W said...

Happy New Year to you too Frankie! Thanks for sharing the ride from the start fo this particular one, and I've enjoyed every moment of sharing your interesting and very entertaining journey! :P

Looking forward the sharing many more memorable times as we begin YEAR OF THE SEXY BITCH! ;)

Frankie said...

Aww Kerry and I'm forever grateful for you 'cos you were the one who pushed me into blogging and kept on my case if I got slack in the beginning. It's changed my life. So many friendships with so many wonderful being at the top of the list xxxx

Raechelle said...

haha! love it!
Happy New Year Doll! So glad to have "met" you here in blogland! Hope to someday meet up in real life! :-)

Em said...

Heres to great 2010 Frankie!
Can't wait to hear about the adventures of Frankie this year!

Miss Tank said...

Hey Spunkass - curious - where does FiFi come from?????
BTW - LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog - one of my favs I check every single day x

Frankie said...

Hey Raechelle. yeah how awesome would it be to catch up someday? I live in hope of winning lotto!

haha..Happy New Year Em. I hope I actually HAVE some adventures this year..maybe I'll trip over Mr Wonderful while out for a run!

aww..glad you enjoy my blog Ms Tank. Fifi? Ok..well back in about 1984 when I had my first job we used to get bored so me and a couple of mates decided to make up pseudonyms for everyone in the office, using their initials and make up a little bio for them all. My initials are FD. We were right into Rodney Dangerfield movies back then (Caddyshack etc) so I knew I wanted Dangerfield...then for a first name I chose something French as I have a french heritage on my dad's side. Fifi was the only thing I could think of other than my real name! Fifi Dangerfield was an interior decorator by day, cat burglar by night (she used to case the joints while she was doing interior decorating calls and then come back at night and rob them). That was 25 years ago and it stuck...there's a few of the old gang I still see and we all have our names...I still get Christmas cards addressed to Fifi. She's my alter ego now. I also own but haven't done anything with it yet.

judestone said...

oh dude - MUST happen!

great 7 things! Very interesting!!