Monday, January 25, 2010

My Family Tree - Flag Style

With all the Australian flags waving around the place the last couple of days I got to thinking about my heritage and all the other flags that have brought me here, a first generation Australian.
So, here is my family tree, but using flags showing my parents, grandparents and great grandparents' country of birth.
I quite like being a mongrel! How does your flag tree look?
Have a wonderful Australia Day, whatever you're doing (I'm having a quiety myself).



FreeSpirit said...

Gosh, you've got a lot going on there girl!

Mongrel or not, you're as Aussie as they get and I'm counting myself in as one of your mongrel mates :)

Enjoy your day in your own style. That's what being Australian is all about really xx

Frankie said...

Yep Claire you sure are. (hehe and can't get much more Australian than Kemmy High!)

Have a great one too.

Sandra said...

Interesting tree, Frankie...I'm not talented enough to put one together with flags like yours, but I'm a bit of a mongrel myself...born in Uruguay, my parents had Spanish and French between them...consider myself an Aussie through and kids' tree would be interesting too...hubby has English and Scottish in him...and there is talk of some Spanish having filtered in there during the 1700's. One of his great-great-great (you get the picture) grandmothers ran a boarding house in Cornwall and there were several shipwrecks there...we reckon some handsome Spanish sailor over-stayed his welcome as some of his relo's have very olive skin and dark eyes...;)
Happy Australia Day!

Vix said...

Geez, you get a big gold star for creativity Frankie!! I wouldnt even know how to put mine together, and mine is a hell of a lot less work than yours...big Aussie flad down the bottom (that's me ;) ) and then lots of smaller Italian ones above it for both parents, all my grand parents, and all my great-grandparents. Apparently they didn't get out much ;)
Vic x
PS - re your comment on my blog - bloody tell me about it! Who brings their parnter on a girls night out? Unless your partner IS a girl, or looks hot in a skirt and heels (in which case I would be questioning the first bit of my exceptions)...FUCK OFF!! hehe

Flea said...

Woweeee, what country does your great grandparent's belong too, the red, white and blue stiped ones, one is vertical and the other horizontal. I know the Canadian and Sri Lanka ones but the top ones got me.

Mine will probably have German, Dutch and South Africa in it, but little man's will have Scotland and England in and then Aussie born :-)

Frankie said...

it's French on the USA side and Dutch on the Sri Lankan side

Ms Smack said...

Mine would have the southern cross, (mother) the aboriginal flag (father)
and scottish (ancestors)

A colourful and controversial mix, indeed!

Great idea for a post!

Frankie said...

Just deleted a comment Ms Smack as it came up twice.

But, yeah...bloody interesting background you have too:)

LURVE diversity!