Sunday, January 17, 2010

Skanky Frankie

Where to start? Fuck...

Well Social Worker Guy and I had a date last night (movies), my place..all good (at least I thought it was). I woke up this morning feeling really good about things. I really liked him..REALLY. (not going to waffle on about why cos I've done that already).

Anyway I get a text from him this morning saying that he needed to come over and see me today - to talk...GULP. Convinced it's going to be an "it's not you it's me" type scenario I asked if he could just tell me over the phone instead.

He didn't like that idea and stressed that "a phone call won't cut it". mind races. He's got some issues (yeah I know, so have we all) but I thought maybe he wanted to discuss them and possibly how we could work through them...ummmm - NO. After arguing a bit via text he finally called..

Ohhhh....apparently it IS all about ME.

Now...those of you that know me in real life (and those who have been reading my blog for a while) know that I love nothing more than making people laugh, usually at my own expense. I think you've read enough "real" posts by me to appreciate the parody of myself I enjoy playing up, mostly in my "Man Flesh Files".

It's what I do.

Sex is funny, lack of sex is even funnier. Relationships are ridiculous and dating is a joke. Let's not pretend otherwise. If you really know me you know that the flippant way in which I refer (in real life) to sex or my sexual encounters is nothing more than a continuation of that self-parody. Of course it's grounded in some truth, but it's not REAL., Social Worker Guy wanted to rake me over the coals about the fact that in the last two weeks I have mentioned, in conversation FIVE guys I had sex with (it was only actually 3 guys though as one guy got a mention 3 times).

Now...these weren't conversations I started about guys I've fucked. They were things brought up which were relevant to the conversation and just happened to involved someone who I had a previously 'relationship' with (relationship being, sex, dating..whatever).

But, according to Social Worker Guy, me mentioning these other men gave a "pretty good impression of being a skank", of a woman who just fucks guys and throws them aside and queried as to whether he would be so easily discarded.

I might just add at this point that the three guys I did mention, rejected ME in no uncertain was no discarding there on my part. Fuck..whatever, that's not the point. Apparently I am highly insensitive, a moron, an idiot...I dunno and a few other things I can't remember right now. 
Ya know...why couldn't he just be happy with the fact that I LOVED spending time with him, talking on the phone to him, just hanging out..'cos he fucking KNEW that was the case. But no, all he could focus on was the fact that I'd had sex...with other the past. Jeezuz. 

He's reckons he's confused by the fact that there are "two Frankie's".. The one he liked and the one who was giving the impression of being..a skank. At the time of the conversation I was full of tears and apologetic and agreed that I was fucked up and at fault. I'd managed to fuck up another budding relationship by being too.....'me'. And hey, I will admit to a smidgen of responsibility as I guess the sort of conversations I have with my mates...maybe not that appropriate to have with a guy on a date, but, I dunno...I was just really comfortable with him..and was just being


How the fuck can I be too ME? There's not two Frankie's, there is ONE...THIS ONE. And anyone who doesn't like me can go fuck themselves. I'm 44 years old. I grew up with an alcoholic father, an absent fucking mother, 3 years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a jealous lunatic at the age of 17, marriage, kids, divorce, study, MASSIVE poo cherries and you know what.???? -

I've fucking earned the right to be WHO I FUCKING WANT TO BE!

I'm not a skank, I'm not a whore I am a fucking honest, open, loving and kind person............unless you fuck with me of course. 
End of rant.


KRISTIN said...

FUCK HIM Frankie. You be YOU as much as you want to be, we all love you and there will be someone out there who loves you too! You don't need that shit!

FreeSpirit said...

OMFG!!! Social worker guy??? For the love of the Goddess where the fuck does he get off?

Frankie, if he's that fkn anal that all he can do is focus on what you've said in relation to the past then clearly, he's not worth the effort.

I had hoped, with all my heart and soul, that this man would be the one for you, that you would dance and sing and feel immortal in his presence and I kinda got that feeling from your feedback from date 2 but obviously, this man is a fruit cake!

Your rant could not have been more poignant. Your indignation more warranted and I seriously hope that whoever this bloody dickhead is, takes a long, hard look at himself.

I read that you agreed with him at some point and I'm thinking, maybe you didn't have time to get up the outrage and that perhaps, he's under the very sad misapprehension that he's dealing with some poor misguided girl who he can mould into whatever the fuck it is he wants in a woman???

You are 44 years old. I am 44 years old and we ought to be sooooo very freekin grateful that at this point in our lives, we are healthy, independant and fantastic women who yep, have flaws and want to do better on a number of levels but that in essence, are good people!

Fuck him! Just fucking fuck him and not in a bloody good way either! Goddamn. That's made me really, really angry.

Blessed be honey. You are worth 50 million of that dickhead.

xxx C

Friday said...

Did he really actually call you a Skank??

Oh my fkn god!

I have to come back later to comment here cos Im seriously pissed off!!!

Can you just ring him back and say i said - Way better to be a Skank than a complete Cuuuuuunt!!!!!



Frankie said...

oops no he didn't call me one. I thought I put that in. He said I was doing a good impersonation of one...or words to that effect..haha..whateva

Miss Tank said...

OMG - such a social worker! Pfttt to him. He sounds like a pussy to me. We ALL have skeletons in the closet!! Makes us interesting! It's hilarious - my other half wants to think that i was pure when we met - well sunshine - i was far fucking from it....I had the best year of my life in 2008, i'll leave my skeleton's in my closet but to give you an insight - i was pretty much out of control - do i regret it - fcuk no - do i give a fcuk what anyone thought? HELL NO - It was ME and it was the year that I realised I loved who i am...


RaeC said...

You hit the nail on the head with who you are and the life experiences that have lead you to this point in your life.

If he is really that insecure that you have LIVED a life before you met him, then he needs a big reality check. Or else he needs to go and date 15 year old virgins... if there are any still???

The guy is an insecure freak-a-zoid, and as our Lia would say... NEXT!!

You're too funny for him, too open for him, too loving for him. He obviously needs a simpering little girl who molds herself to fit in with what he wants and his life instead of a life-loving warm hearted gorgeous goddess like yourself.

He's a waste of your time, Frankie!! xxx

LizN said...

Frankie, I'm really sorry. You're probably disappointed but better to find out now than invest too much time in him.

incidentally my hubby told me early on in the piece he liked me because" he could heap shit on me and I'd just laugh."

Em said...

geezus, don't let him eva talk to me I'd scare the fuck outta him.
Fuck me! I'm shocked.
You are one hell of a woman and deserve way better. Pity the fool!

Friday said...

oh ok... well sorry loser arsehat boy for reading that wrong.

I was all cross eyed at his audacity.

Never mind, I still think he's retarded.


Kerry W said...

Now that's just taking things too far too quickly for my liking. That definitely sends of warning bells...FARK! Thought you were on a bloody winner Frankie, and he goes and gets all 'psychoanaltical' on you. But as you say, you are who you are and you're being open, honest and being you...he shouldn't be asking for anything more than that!'ve only been on what? 2 or 3 dates, and acting like he's the prodigal son. that off my chest!
Here's to a better week Frankie. XOXOX

P.S. Sounds like my ex...bloody manipulative bastard who used emotional blackmail to try and control me!

Frankie said...

Friday no it wrote it wrong and changed it!

Frankie said...

I'm not going to reply individually to everyone 'cos you know I ADORE you guys and appreciate your comments.

I AM fine though. but yeah..disappointed 'cos I hadn't felt like that about someone in a long time.

OH..Liz..that's what I thought HE was like as well ..then suddenly..THIS.

cam said...

I actually can't see the difference between calling you a skank and saying that you're doing a good impersonation of one.
Either way, I think he's a tool.

Vix said...

Fuck him and all his self righteousness. Clearly HE is the one with insecurity issues. You are too good for that loser. As a Goddamned social worker you would think this dude knows a thing or two about life and everything that goes with it.
And as a Goddamned social worker he should not expect an independant 44 year old woman to pretend she has lived an angelic life to amuse him.
Fuck him. I'll send my buddy Chuck over to roundhouse kick him to the head!!

Iris Flavia said...

Very sad.
Could imagine he on the other hand goes out and says, "uhhh, lookie-here!, I had this woman, that, and..." Ya know.

Hopefully I´m wrong and he rethinks his saying and takes you for you.

Gah, why is it that complicated anyway?!

Lisa said...


You have just missed out on one of the most awesome women in the world. Frankie is gorgeous, sexy, loving, funny, generous, courageous, independent, smart, beautiful AND GUESS WHAT DUDE - she also enjoys sex. What more could you possibly ask for??

Tut tut social worker guy - what a fool you are. Guess you realise that now. Ah well...

Kate said...

This just proves that men have no idea. They have double standards and refuse to allow women to have freedom to be themselves too. He obviously has done the crime he has charged you of and had this idea of you being a pure virginal type. Skank? He used the word? Or did you use it to exemplify what he was getting at? Maybe he is just peeved you didn't put out ASAP, but you apparently did for the other men you mentioned. Any wonder why the dating sites are full of divorced 40 something men and single 30 somethings? Women just don't want to live by double standards and men haven't done much more than stand there and scratch their heads in bewilderment.

Kate said...

Oh dear, I just read the relpies. Should have done that first. *smile vacuously*

Witchazel said...

WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE HE IS!!! How can someone like that be a Social Worker????????????
I send "The fleas of a thousand camels to infest his armits" curse his way!

Be YOU Frankie!!! I sooo love YOU!! and as for two people HA!!! Of course you are youre a Gemini!!!

Frankie said...

Thanks guys xxxx

Yeah Kate...SKANK was used.

Flea said...

Wow after all that I can only say He's loss hey!!
Atleast you are now single again for all the other gorgeous guys out there, we just got you to meet them!

Frankie said...

Hey Flea.. yeah ..but where! LOL!

Sue said...

I can't believe that guy. There may be a indication there why he is single Frankie. Forget about him, who is he to call you a skank, wasn't he right there with you the other night fondling and carrying on?? Maybe he's the true skank and is deflecting it onto you............

Frankie said...

Thanks Sue and Robyn. I'm totally done talking about him now...moving on! xxx

Ms Smack said...

I honestly doubt he's a social worker. No social worker would have used SKANK.

I suggest he's a fuckwit plain and simple.

Last I'm mentioning him. Haven't been able to post. Drowned at work, with um, real social workers...(that's how I know, see?)


RaeC said...

LMAO!! I think Ms Smack has made the best comment on this post. Succinct and to the point... LOVE it!! :D

Frankie said...

Yes I think she did Rae!

Ms Smack..he's a total fuckwit!

Ms Smack said...

xx Fifi