Monday, January 11, 2010

Words of love....

Got a call from Social Worker Guy last night. Quite impressed as was actually a call..on my home phone...none of this texting crap. It's obviously true love. Here is a snippet of our conversation.
SWG : You know you tried to sabotage this last night. 

Fifi : What? How? 

SWG: You said "You know you don't have to contact me again after this " about 8 times during the night. 

Fifi : Pfft! No I didn't. 

SWG : um..yes you did. Why would you do that? 

Fifi : Well you look so young, I feel really old and decrepid next to you. 

SWG : Don't worry about it. I'm getting handrails installed in my toilet and bathroom for you. 

The end.


Frankie said...

haha.. I know..this is what I have to put up with every time I talk to him! He cracks me up constantly.

Em said...

ooohhh hahahaha funny stuff! omg im so excited for you!

Kerry W said...'s young, hot, intense, a SNAG, and he has a sense of humour! What more could you want? :P

Frankie said...

AND he didn't try to play it cool and wait three days to contact me again.

FARK...I have to go back to work today. Bye!

Nicole said...

Oooh, Frankie... THIS looks good. :)

nwtrunner said...

I'm taking notes for whenever I ever get a date again with an actual real live woman! Of course, unlike Kerry's dream date - I'm not young, hot, intense, a SNAG, and I've got no sense of humour... Gack!

Raechelle said...


Caz said...

He sounds so awesome!
Clearly he really likes you!
With none of that txting crap, and making jokes!
and hes a social worker.. I think thats really cool too because he cares about society! Thats awesome.

Hope it all goes well

Sandra said...

Do you mind me asking how old he is Frankie...? (I'm a bit of a cradle snatcher myself...calling myself a cougar,these days)
Looove the bit about his bathroom...he obviously has plans for you to be in HIS domain...LOOK OUT!

Sandra said...

sorry I hit "Post comment" twice :) xxx

Frankie said...

yeah Nic it's nice not to be pining next to the phone wondering if he will call or not!

Alasdair - hahahaha!

Extremely cool Raechelle!

Caragh, yeah it works out well 'cos I work at a social research centre :o)

Sandra he's 38 but he looks about 28. Not just that but his manner and everything too.

Witchazel said...

lol I like him lots!!!

Robyn said...

ok, so he's sounding alright... ;)

btw, is this the same social worker guy that messed you around a few weeks ago? i'm not being totally cynical in asking this question... i'm just curious.

Vix said...

WOO HOO! I go away for a weekend and look how much i miss out on!!

Frankie said...

I do too Cath!

Yeah Robyn he was a guy I met on RSVP back a couple of months ago. Didn't really mess me around. We just emailed over a few days, had a phone call and a few texts. He made it clear he wasn't interested back then. We had a bit of a misunderstanding (something I'd said was taken the wrong way). It was just over the course of a week. Not life changing or anything! He apologised sufficently and has redeemed himself as far as I'm concerned. Clean slate.

Frankie said...

OMG Vicki you know not to stay away from Fifi Land too long...anything can happen!!!