Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fifi got a date!


It appears the Universe is rewarding me for putting my curvy bits out there (and NO...the person concerned did NOT see my blog!).

I was fast asleep at 9pm (having an early night) and I got a text from Social Worker Guy. Not going to go into too much detail but he was the one who I met on RSVP and there was a misunderstanding..blah blah..he was an asshole etc etc.

So..that was a couple of months ago. We'd spoken on the phone for an hour and a half at that time, and I couldn't figure out where things had gone wrong as he just fobbed me off after that. a text from him tonight, giving a hypothetical situation of a guy who was a complete asshole to a girl etc etc, the basic gist being - does he get a second chance and would I say yes if he asked me out?

It was a really nice few texts from him and I couldn't refuse. We then spoke on the phone for an hour and he was STILL apologising. Fuck it, I really like him :o)

Anyway he's picking me up at 8pm Saturday and we are going for a drink..somewhere...haven't decided where yet.

His timing couldn't have been better as (A) I have no kids for the next 12 days and (B) The Slovakian contacted me over Christmas/New Year (after I told him to fuck off two months ago) and I'd started pining over him again. This will snap me out of it for sure.

FAAARK! What to wear??

Cleavage is a must ....obviously.


Dawn said...

Good luck with the date. Let us know details :)

cam said...

Nice work Frankie!
Not that you need telling...but have a fabulous time.

Miss Tank said...

ah takes me back to my single days Frankie - I friggen loved them.....always the way though - i'd go through boughts of drought then WHAMMO it poured - maybe your pheromones are extra special?? hahaha

have a fucking radical time x

Witchazel said...

YAY! Awesome! I get to live vicariously off you again LOL Have fun!!!!

Sandra said...

As little as possible...;)

Em said...

Fuck off! i am sooooooooooooo excited for you! please please please be your sensational gorgeous hiliarious self won't you?
you HAVE to and it is a MUST to get all the low down and ho down?
please? :D XXX WOO HOO BRING ON 2010!!!!!
PS: Oh yes, have a great time and fun as well :D

Raechelle said...

very cool! see all things fall into place...just takes patience.

I'm assuming we will get a piccy of you before the date comes-to see you in prep mode! (or video...hmmm-yes, maybe?!)

have fun girl! it's kind of like we are all going on this date with you...LOL

Kerry W said...

...what you wore for your 'SEXY' mag shoot! :P

Frankie said...

Thanks Dawn! Yep Sunday morning Date report for sure (or maybe Saturday night if it bombs out early).

I will cam!

Well Fern yeah...pheromones might be going all I need is for Wall o' Man to contact me like he said he would and I'll have the Trifecta!

Hey Cath..yeah I intend to !!!

he he...Sandra it's a fine line between sexy and slutty but I'm happy to push the boundaries LOL!

OMG EM so a I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you'll hear all the juicy details. Let's wait and see if it actually happens though as I've had a couple of 'false starts' recently.

OK Raechelle I will try to remember a photo...maybe I'll do a VLOG after the date...Appropriate I think as my first and only VLOG was about HIM.

He he...bad Kerry. No, that's for AFTER the date.