Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back on the dating horse

Yes I know I am supposed to be in my man-proof cave, but unfortunately my cave does have email and mobile phones.
I hadn't intended on dating at all this year, until I got my health issues sorted and got fit again. Social Worker Guy (SWG) contacted me out of the blue after we met online last November and now 'Wall o' Man' has contacted me also.
'Wall o' Man' is a really nice guy I got chatting to on a dating site in October last year (named Wall o' Man cos he's 6'5"). He's a really positive, open person and very much appreciated that I was the same way.
He asked me out for coffee after one chat but I stalled and put him off as I was in the midst of packing to move house and on the verge of losing the plot, dropping out of uni and having a mental breakdown in general.
So, I put him off until I moved house and got my internet going. Then, right when he contacted me again, SWG popped up (I'd contacted him a couple of weeks earlier but it took him a while to get back to me). I took an instant liking to SWG and made up more excuses as to why I couldn't meet with Wall o' Man.
Then.....SWG fobbed me off, I got stressed about exams and told Wall o' Man that maybe we should just wait until after Christmas as we were both so busy and he was moving house blah blah and I hadn't heard from him since then.
So, yesterday I was sitting around, drifting off into memories of recent nice times spent with SWG, completely forgetting what an arse he was to me in the end. I texted him (yes I'm an idiot) and received a really rude reply.. What a fucking turd. Glad I did it though as it slapped me back into reality and reminded me of his true nature - an angry little fucker.
Within MINUTES of his text reply however, I received a lovely little email from Wall o' Man saying he was all settled in to his new place and enquiring as to whether I had by some chance, gotten married over the Christmas/New Year period.
I advised him, that I am as free as a bird. I go again....
PS - for those of you who are under 40, the photos are from the most awesomest of movies, Cat Ballou, made the year I was born (1965).


Jehanne said...

yay - all my positive energies are focused your way babe xx

Em said...

oh. my. gawd! you just can't help yourself!
PS:wall o man is HOT TO TROT

Kerry W said...

Man O Man! :P ;)

Shar said...

Hell Yeah, glad you back on the horse.......Ride like the wind!!

Shar xx

Frankie said...

Thanks Jeh...well it's gotta go better than the last one!

No I can't help myself.

He he Kerry. Can't wait to meet him.

Thanks Shar. I'll try (even though that sounds kinda dirty...)

Ms Smack said...

baby steps! I think it's great that he was thinking about you!

And remember, he's not an ex, he's not a pretend social worker, he's a new guy, fresh slate.


Frankie said...

I think it's great too :o) We both actually took our profiles off the dating site back in November as we were kinda over it. He's persistent though. I've stalled and made excuses for months. Time I just took a breath and did it.

Raechelle said...

Gotta go with the flow...good on ya!
have fun!

Iris Flavia said...

Good luck on this one! :-)

Flea said...

Good things comes to those who ... not ask! :-)
All the best Frankie, take it one step at a time!

Frankie said...

Thanks guys. Not getting my hopes up. He's a bit slow though. Still haven't heard back! He does shift work too..will just get on with things and wait for him to pull his finger out.