Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to reality

Back in November I was lucky enough to catch up with some of the Fitchix from Lindy Olsen's Forum. The gorgeous LJ (far left) was visiting from Melbourne and a few of us got together at the Blue Duck for breakfast. 

Not everyone is in the photo but Left-Right it's LJ (and grandbaby on lap), yours truly, Rae, Sarah and Michelle

Not pictured are Trudi, Hannah, Rae's flatmate Cheree and LJ's daughter Rhiannon. 

Was a great breakfast and so nice to meet some fitness minded women, some who I already 'knew' online but had not met in person and I adore them all. Glad I can get to meet some fellow bloggies, competitors and fitness professionals from Perth as this is where my future career will be (whatever that will be, although I am sure it will be health related). 

So..I briefly spoke to Michelle Nazaroff on the day about her individualised nutrition programs - based on metabolic type (as nutrition is my downfall) but I finally signed up with her last week. My program will probably be out in a week or so. Michelle has been an absolute inspiration of mine since I saw her win at the 2006 Natural Olympia in Perth and read her amazing story

I am SO looking forward to starting the program. I'm pretty confident with my's really something I need to monitor myself, but I do need specific guidance with nutrition otherwise I think it to death and just end up eating crap while I'm thinking. 

Ok..I think that's about it. Sorry I've been all about me me me lately..I've been really slack with reading/commenting on other blogs. I've had my sex goggles bad. 

Have a great weekend everyone. I know I will ;o)


Em said...

Great photo of some great women there!
Also, woo on the drop on the scales, i'm lovin it!
Have a great weekend m'dear, am sure you will. And im very interested in Michelle's nutrition program as well!

Kerry W said...

Congrats on the weight loss (and cm's too) Frankie! looks and sounds like you had a fab time with the girls. It's great to catch up in person with like-minded people isn't it, from blogland? I know enjoy catching up with people, and finding out more about their own personal fitness journeys.

Well it seems things are really spicing up for you. Lots of plans, progressions and things to look forward to. Good on you for seeking assistance on the nutrition side of things. I'm sure everyone is interested in hearing how it goes for you...I know I am!

Have a great weekend Frankie! (is it movies tonight??) ;) Avatar isn't it? It's awesome...but haven't you seen it? Either way, don't know how much of the movie you'll be seeing :P

LizN said...

Have fun - it's great to hang out with fit women!

Frankie said...

he he I haven't been on a movie date in YEARS.

Frankie said...

Thanks Em.. yeah I've been hearing rave reviews from a few ladies on the forum so I thought it was about time I gave it a go. Cya!

Hey Kerry. Yeah we are going to see Avatar. I saw it when it first came out but in 2D and was going to go see it again this weekend in 3D and then he asked me (he hasn't seen it at all) that worked out well :o)

Frankie said...

Yep Liz it is! I hope one day to wander over your way and catch up with all the Brissy girls...and Melbourne..and...

nwtrunner said...

Frankie - you look simply stunning among a beautiful group of Australian women (okay, some of whom are pretty young!). You guys just rock!

Kate said...

The Blue Duck. I'm beginning to really miss Perth. I used to cycle down there from UWA for breakfast. I also liked the Indian Tea House, and Gino's in Freo main drag, and the veggie pie maker at the Freo market, and the cafe near the zoo that sold yum cakes, and Dome in Subiaco. I might just move back there. Pity real estate is more expensive than Melb :-(

Frankie said...

Thanks Alasdair..yes I am the oldest there by at least 4 years!

Hi Kate..yeah I do love Perth but it's so fucking expensive (rents are obscene). My rent now is twice what mortgage was seven years ago. Only way I will ever own again is if I meet some guy who's already got a house!

Nicole said...

Hey Frankie... Looks like you had fun... Good luck with your new program. Can't wait to read the progress.. Oh and BTW, your blog IS all about about you, its supposed to be. :-)