Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What is it about being in my man-proof cave that I love so much?

It's just like life before but a little bit better. There's a little less stress and WAY less reasons to feel insecure about stupid shit.

I like it, and am more than happy to hang out here for a while.

I'm putting the hot wax away and becoming a cavewoman again.

Neanderthals - Do NOT disturb.


Raechelle said...

good on ya! but personally, I shave for me...I hate that scratchy feeling when my legs rub together...but that's probably a bit too much info...LOL!
glad you are back in a happy space!

Flea said...

As long as you are happy, go for it!
Life is precious and there's enough other things in life to still give you a full and challenging life!

Em said...

Yeah keep out you stupid Neanderthals!
Be happy and enjoy life I say!

judestone said...

Caves are good.. and seriously.. after the most recent encounter with HomoStupido, I don't blame you for heading back into your cave.

Much love to you Ms Frankie.. I adddooooooore you!

BTW, looking forward to hearing about your new nutrition plan.