Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Words of Lust...

The other day, people were making fun of me on Facebook 'cos when us girls said what colour bra we were wearing, my answer was 'beige'. Yes! I do own a lot of flesh coloured undies and bra's cos I wear a lot of white. That's it. It's not like I don't own any other colour. So....my date last weekend... 

As much as I wanted to get lucky, I didn't actually think I would. I was wearing quite a light coloured dress and thought I should wear my 'nude' coloured undies. It's not like they are fucking wranger stranglers...they were bikinis. I thought they were quite acceptable. 

Anyway, somewhere around the 7 hour mark of our date Social Worker Guy and I ended up on my bed in a state of semi-undress. 

Here is a transcript of the conversation that ensued. 

SWG: Your nanna called. She wants her undies back. 

Fifi: Go fuck yourself Mr "look at me I'm so cool with my pierced nipples"

SWG: So...does that mean I should cancel the reception?

The end.


Em said...

god thats hilarious!

Kerry W said...

he..he..he..got yourself a fiesty one there...lol... :P

...nothing wrong with beige or white...that's the only colour bra I wear. I don't own a black one....or red one...ahhhhh...who cares...f*&k em!

Carolyn said...

Oh, I really love this dude's sense of humour! Have to admit I'm logging in all the time just to check on updates Frankie!!!

Hey, I put "sensible beige" on my FB too - for the same reason as you. Yep, black undies under white tops are definitely NOT for the over 30's.

He sounds like lots of fun - I'd keep him for a while!!

Carolyn xx

Vix said...

yep he has my stamp of approval miss frankie!! hehe he's bloody hilarious!

Frankie said...

Yeah I just remembered it today when I was talking to someone about my new undies I bought (ok we'd had a few drinks LOL)

He IS pretty fiesty Kerry, but so a I!

Yep Carolyn, that's what first attracted me to him when we were just emailing. As soon as I spoke to him on the phone I was hooked. Even if it doesn't work out it's been lots of fun :o)

And he's cute too Vicki!

Flea said...

I think I did put beige on as well because flesh colour would sound so wrong.

Raechelle said...


Robyn said...

okay, he's a cutie. a sense of humour that's as sexy as hell... which means he's also intelligent, which is also sexy. And he's sensitive, 'cause he knows how to use his wit tastefully. What a frickin' hottie.

Frankie said...

hahaha, yeah flea NUDE woulda sounded funny too!

Hee hee I know Raechelle!

Robyn it was his brains and humour that attracted me right at our first phone call back in November. *sigh* getting worried he'll never ask me out for another date though!