Monday, January 18, 2010

Now...moving on.

Hey guys. Thanks for all your comments on last night's post. They were SO appreciated xxx
All is cool now. Tonight my babies come back after 2 and a half weeks away, and I can concentrate on what is really important to me.
So..this is the last post I will write about Social Worker Guy and that's IT.
I must say that I'm actually a little disturbed that he wanted to come over and put all that shit on me in person. Who does that? He lives half an hour drive away and wanted to drive all the way here to tear me down face to face. It's kinda scary....that he would need to do that.
I also gave him the link to this blog. Kinda "burning my bridges" type thing. I know after reading it he'll never contact me again. He doesn't like ME.......this-IS-me.
Hmm.....I guess it hasn't really been a successful foray back into the dating scene after nearly 5 years of self-imposed exile. Since April last year I've been 'rejected' by 3 guys I liked and had 2 others who said they were going to call, not call. Luckily I have the constitution of a rubber band these days and bounce back pretty quickly.
But, that's it for now. Back into my man-proof cave to work on other things WAY more important.
It's all good :o)
Edit - ok yes having a wee bit of trouble letting go of this one..but..just had to add that he said I was insensitive (for mentioning other men in his presence). He has no fucking idea how sensitive I really am. I quietly put up with him constantly poking fun at me for lying about my age on my dating profile when HE lied about his height! I rarely go out with guys under 6ft tall. His profile said he was 5'11" so I thought that was cool. He's not! He's shorter than me! But, knowing that if he lied about it on his profile he's probably sensitive about it I did not say ONE WORD....because I liked him. I'm such an insensitive bitch...
Ok...seriously that's it..zipping mouth shut NOW


Flea said...

good on ya!
Move on, focus on the good!

nwtrunner said...

Frankie - you've got so many good things going in your life and so much to look forward to, and SWG will have to just watch from the sidelines, which is where he obviously belongs.

As Flea says - focus on the good, cuz you've got lots of good to focus on!

Em said...

Well, its good to get this shit outta ya system. He's offended you and its your right to give him shit. I just think some people make life much harder than it is for themselves! I agree focus on the good - you have the support and appreciation from all of us and thank fuck he told you what he really thought now instead of weeks, months years down the track. Although really I do think he should self psycho evaluate himself hehehehe!

Frankie said...

Yep sure will Flea. Got LOTS to achieve this year!

Thanks Alasdair. Didn't really have time for a man, kids so many more important things for now :o)

Oh look Em I am SO glad I found out now. I do NOT need that shit..not at 44!

Hilary said...

OMG that guy sounds like a complete wanker and you are so much better off that things didn't progress... no-one needs that shit and sounds like he is so insecure.

Who needs him!!

Hilary xx

Nicole said...

Wow... Frankie. this really didn't go as planned.. Note to self - Don't take any notice of my intuition when it comes to guys that you date.

Now, this guys seems waaaaay to intense for you anyway. You need someone who lives in the moment and who 'gets' you.

Please don't view these guys as having 'rejected' you. Or that you weren't 'good enough' for any of them. Its not about rejection. Its about not having the right fit.

You are an amazing, charismatic, energetic, beautiful, sexy woman whose wacky sense of humour and straight up way of being may be overwhelming for some guys, but it just means that YOU are the benchmark and that it will take a pretty special, strong, down to earth guy to be worthy of such a woman. Don't settle for anything less babes. xxxx

Frankie said...

Yep Hilary, that was a narrow escape!!

Thanks's fine. I guess as I get older I'm realising that just because someone doesn't like some facet of my personality or whatever, that doesn't mean that it's a FAULT. It just means that it's not for them.

Thanks Robyn. I actually really appreciated his honesty in the beginning..he's always been very direct. But as much as I appreciated obviously knowing what he was thinking, it was his delivery that hurt. The tone of his voice, the seething anger underneath. It wasn't even being called a skank that was the worst of was being called a liar. I pointed out that I was a pretty crappy skank seeing that he was only the second guy I had slept with the FIVE years..but he just scoffed and told me that I was lying. I guess that was the worst part. uughh...ok I'm not going to waste any more energy on this x

Robyn said...

Frankie, based on that additional info I can confidentially say, what a prick! In fact, what an arsehole!! I mean it. That's abusive on his part and his earlier behaviour was clearly misleading. He seemed witty and mature, particularly when he made the remark about nanna pants! Seriously!

Nicole said...

I agree with Robyn.. How arrogant to scoff at you like he has a right to be so judgemental about someone he hardly knows. Ppffft. sounds very much like a self riteous prick if you ask me. And he wants someone he can control and intimidate.