Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nine Hour Date

Yep - 8pm to 4am 

Still too tired to do a proper report but just wanted to say that I'm an idiot and there were really no issues at all with him. No red flags, nothing. 

I just really like him and of course I'm doing what I usually do when I like someone (and when they appear to like me) which is analyse the crap out of it and get into a committment phobic panic. 

Bottom line - great date. Would love to see him again. 

The end. 

Going to try and have a nanna nap as I was up again at 7.30am (fucking cats!)


Em said...

just relax and bask in the moment, breathe - am so happy to hear you had a great time tho, you deserve to enjoy yourself xx

Miss Tank said...

Good Shit Frankie....

Sandra said...

Glad you broke that rule of yours

Robyn said...

as a very new member of the "all men are bastards" club, i'm happy for you, but i remain cynical. that's all i'm saying. think of me as your the naughty devil on the left shoulder(naughty as in negative, not as in saucey... u don't need any more sauce, babe... you is doing just fine in that department ;) .

Frankie said...

basking bed..slightly hungover..

VERY good shit Fern ( he he)

So am I Sandra!! That boy's had lessons!!

Oh don't worry Robyn I am as cynical as ever. Keeping my feet on the ground this time but going to allow myself to enjoy the moments if and when they happen.

Quite frankly I am still quite happy on my own and have lots of plans that I can get on with, with or without a man.

Kerry W said...

Sounds like things went well Frankie. See...nothing to worry about...just take it in your stride and enjoy! :)

Ms Smack said...

Men are simple creatures, honestly. Take it easy. Don't over-think. Keep it simple and one step at a time.


Flea said...

Enjoy and just be yourself, that's whom he liked!

nwtrunner said...

Ummmmm, as one of the aforementioned 'bastards' - may I just say that I'm glad that you had a great date, that he seems to be a nice fella, and that you're looking forward to seeing him again.

I totally agree with Ms Smack - we are simple creatures in that we also appreciate a nice night out with a good person to talk to, to flirt with, to enjoy spending time with, and yes - perhaps to have sex with if everything is fine. That's not too complicated even for a guy to figure out....

Hope you got some more sleep Frankie. Cats and dogs can sooooo interrupt snoozing!

Raechelle said...

Just so you know, this is the first blog I checked this morning...LOL
Glad you did a vlog to show the outfit...of course-I bilnked and missed it so had to watch again...hahaha!
So glad the date went well-DON'T ANALYZE!! Just enjoy!

Frankie said...

Thanks Kerry I am :o)

Yes Ms Smack. I've taken a deep breath and just enjoying it for what it is. x

Ya know what Flea? I actually was myself and he LIKED it. It's why he got back in touch with me. Of course he thinks I'm mental etc..but he's ok with that LOL!!

I know I make things much more complicated than they should be Alasdair. I'm trying to just be in the moment. He IS a nice guy though :O)

haha..yeah Raechelle I was all flustered and in a hurry and my makeup was melting off cos it was really humid. Good lighting to huh?