Saturday, April 3, 2010

The 80's - A Decade in Bad Hair and Fashion

1980 - Age 15.

Our first ensemble is the tube top and high waisted Californian cord jeans. Accessorised nicely by the white roller skates with pink laces. Every girl needs a flash ride...and I can be seen here with my soon to be first car, the 1979 Holden Sunbird (which I drove from 1982 to 1992). Once I added my fluffy white sheepskin covers and fluffy white stuffed cat, it was PERFECT.

1981 - Age 16.

Here I can be seen gesturing towards the Adam Ant anti-smoking poster that was very popular at the time. Unfortunately I was chain smoking Alpine Lights by that stage so really don't know why I bothered with the poster. You can barely see the red velvet headband under the fringe of my FIRST EVER perm. I am also wearing a cut-off army shirt from the Wellington Army Surplus store in the city (I caught the train in!)

1983 - Age 18.

Here I am with some sort of weird perm/mohawk hybrid do. I am looking nervously at my weird boyfriend. I am very thin. Must have been all the drugs.

1985 - Aged 20.

I think I may have been drinking in this one. That is all.....

1986 - Aged 21.

This is my 21st Birthday party and THE MOTHER OF ALL PERMS. I am wearing a pink and grey pin striped jacket with six inch shoulder pads. On the bottom half I am wearing shiny, baggy, grey/silver trousers, much like that guy in 'Miami Vice'. We had a smoke machine and Red Rooster catering.

1987 - Aged 22.

This is me during band practice (The Burning Boxcars). I am wearing a black and white striped shirt with purple HAIRY knitted leggings and some lovely white leather ankle boots. I had two pairs of white ankle boots. This pair was plain and laced up. The other pair was pull on and had a fringe.

1988 - Aged 23.

What was the 80's without a theme party? Toga parties were VERY popular back then. That is me and my flatmate Melanie. I am 5'8, she is 4'11. This night ended quite amusingly for me and some guy named Shipley. He turned out to be a stalker though.....

1988 - Aged 23

My 23rd Birthday. I am wearing black. That is my so-called friend Emma. Well she was actually just my flatmate's friend. We all had drinks before we went to a club but it ended up being a bit of a weird night 'cos I came down and found her trying to kiss my boyfriend. Bad Emma. She did look nice in a beret though.

1989. Aged 23

That is me and my little sister Donna. It is Donna's birthday. We are happy and drunk. Well I am happy...she is not all that happy after I slept with one of her little friends. I am wearing braces. I am also wearing really high waisted leggings with stirrups and shiny aviator boots. I am cool. I have no perm but I do seem to have acquired Brooke Shield's eyebrows.


My cousin's wedding. My sister and I loved our dresses. We called that pleated bit at the front, that kept falling down, a 'spewbucket'. There is also a giant bow at the back, and my hair is 'crimped'. Her groomsman was more fun than mine. He took us back to the hotel room to smoke drugs so that we could cope with how we looked. We enjoyed the reception I've been told.

1990 - Aged 25.

Still with the big hair. I am on a picnic with my new boyfriend Andrew (who I later married...had kids with ...and divorced). I am not wearing pants. It was a good picnic.

That is my tribute to the 80's. I can't really remember the rest......


Miss Tank said...

Frankie - your blog is awesome - i LOVE this one SOOOOOOO much - you are and have always been beautiful - perm drugs and all xx

KatieP said...

Fabulous post Frankie -- ahh the memories and you are so funny ... Bad Emma LOL and no pants -- I love it!

Kerry W said... 80's for sure! Takes me back to high school. Love it! I'm so looking forward to our class of 85 reunion this year...lots of 80's lots of memories. Though, I never was up with the fashion, and I had my own version of 'big hair' :)

cam said...

Love it.

Kate said...

You have this "Kaz Cooke" way of engaging with the world that is honest, funny and makes us look to ourselves with the same feeling. Rather than push away 'stuff', you encourage us to stift through what we feel, think and want. It is a rare gift you have, Frankie, and I applaud you for something that obviously comes so naturally for you.

KRISTIN said...

love it girl! thanks for sharing, so good to reminisce!

Frankie said...

ooops I'm only 44! Not 45 quite yet! See? I DO feel old LOL!

Frankie said...

Thanks Guys. So glad you liked it. I had SO much fun putting it together (but did feel a little old!!)

Kate, thank for such a lovely compliment. I do love my writing but yeah, it's just an extension how I am in real life, although maybe slightly exaggerated when written. I get pulled up by people all the time for telling too much about myself and saying what others are only thinking, but I'm 45 years old and I'm not going to change. xxx

Magda said...

What a brilliant montage Frankie and I could relate to it all (except the drugs - I was a goody two shoes) - big big hair, shoulder pads, taffetta dresses. Oooh I love to reminisce.

:-) Magda

Vix said...

OMG Frankie I LOVE IT!!! hehe you are a bloody classic.
I do have one question though...the bridesmaid that a SCRUNCHY I see in your hair??? lol
Thanks for sharing xx

Frankie said...

haha OMG Magda, hot pink taffeta. Worse possible combination!

No Vicki, don't be ridiculous, it's not a scrunchy, it is obviously a rosebud. Actually a whole row of rosebuds. My hair was braided to the nape of my neck. The rosebuds were inserted all the way down the back of my head so I resembled a Stegosaurus.

The hair was then fastened with a pearl clasp at the neck and then crimped so it looked like a horses tail...

Em said...

You have had one hell of a life ride Frankie. Awesomeness! xxoo

Raechelle said...

hahaha! loved it...not the
80's...but your blog...LOL!

To Band or not To Band? said...

There u r! Found u again on Kitty's post! U r sooooo gorgeous through all the years - geez!

Frankie said...

Yep still here plugging away LOL! Amazed I got through the 80's to tell you the truth! Geez, I seriously can't remember most of it !

Iris Flavia said...

Oh-oh, the 80´s!
Thanks, that was fun! :-)
I remember some very bad trousers (striped!) and skirts - and it seems that is coming back, uahhhh...