Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stupidity yeah, having second thoughts about giving out my blog address.

Stupid idea....stooopid.

I sometimes forget how much of ME is on here...and it's ALL here.

So, I got a text from him last night around 11.15pm asking if it was too late for a chat. It was too late 'cos I was asleep and didn't see it until this morning. Answered his text this morning but haven't heard anything since.

My stat counter shows that 'someone' viewed my site, the fibromyalgia link and the ticker factory link..right before 11.15pm. Then accessed a couple of other posts, ie the Skanky Frankie one and another one.

Don't tell me I'm doing too much analysing because I know I am right.
So, pretty sure he's just read the information on FM and done a runner and I don't blame him (although he did try to contact me so...shit, maybe I've got it all wrong). The list of symptoms is pretty extensive. He must think I'm a total bloody invalid.

But, what's done is done. Impressions have been made and can't be undone so I'll just put it down to bad judgement on my part. Lesson learnt. Was a stupid idea in the first place.

So, what I have decided to do, not for him as that's done now, but for ME is to change my header so there's no reference to me having Fibromyalgia. I'm also going to take down the weight loss ticker.

I want to do this because I don't like the idea that the first thing people are going to see when they open my page, is that I have FM and that I need to lose 10kg.

Those things do NOT define me.

The End.

EDIT - ok so now I feel like a COMPLETE loser as he called for a chat and he's not been freaked out or frightened off at all. My bad...

I shall call him...codename...Mr Man.


KatieP said...

Ah Frankie
Anyone who runs at you having FM and a measly 10kg to lose is not worth having.
In my limited(!) experience we always think the worst and it doesn't always come true.
Keep the faith ~ you never know what might happen. He may still be the one that surprises you.

Nicole said...

And if he doesn't see that.... then he's a wanker :))

Nicole said...

Hey Frankie !!! I took down my ticker last night too. I know my blog was originally a weight loss blog, but like you, I don't think that should define who I am anymore. I'm even thinking about starting a new blog, cos I gave out the blog address to sooooooo many people. There is stuff I would love to share, but have to constantly stop and think who actually looks at it and then edit what I'm going to write. Or cryptically code it somehow... hehehe

Sorry, I just totally made that about me.... hehehe, I do that. Anyhooooo.... don't worry about some guy. Your quirky, warm personality shines on your blog and thats what he probably sees as well. xx

Kerry W said...

Ya know...I was thinking about what you said on your post, and the phrase, "Is it working for you?" came to mind. I reckon, by putting 'your shit' out there, the guy who sees all 'your shit' and still wants YOU, has gotta be worth a second look.

I think you're still selling yourself short are one FABULOUS WOMAN, and if guys can't see that, then they've got rocks in their head!

Kerry XOX

Aimee said...

Don't write him off just yet. If it was him (it probably was) then he knows what he is getting into. He tried to SMS you last night to 'talk' maybe he hasn't had a chance to respond yet this morning?

His loss anyway if he is a jerk... we think your awesome.

P.S. My ticker dispeared a few months ago... unfortunatly the kgs didn't disapear with it...

Frankie said...

Thanks's cool. I didn't even know him. Just chatted a couple of times online. I've got other things to think about right now, least of which is to get back into training, now that the sucky hot weather has gone. Got the tready upstairs in the lounge along with a yoga mat so lots of nice cosy winter workouts to look forward to! (who needs a man to keep warm?)

judestone said...

I *LOVE* that Seinfeld episode - so I'm going to say that you've done the right thing by taking the chance.

Don't let it put you off doing the opposite again!

Meanwhile, you've got all my support in renewing efforts to train and study. We're in this together, xox

Frankie said...

Well it appears I was totally off the mark. He (Mr Man) called today. Apparently he knows quite a bit about FM 'cos he was seeing a girl for 15 months who also had FM. Not an issue for him. It's nice to be wrong.

KatieP said...

Hooray! He IS the one that surprises you. I'm so pleased ♥

Flea said...

Hey you, same here, my bloggy url is known to only a few people who actually knows me. I sort of keeping it as my "pour my heart out" diary, talking stuff or just to share. My family and sisters dont' even know about it! Weird I know but I prefer it that way (for now).

Now, about that Mr. Man of you, he sounds pretty OK to me, hope you get to know him well and can find a friend in him you deserve.

Frankie said...

well if you've seen my latest post, that episode has fizzled. Kinda glad as I found myself already censoring what I was writing!