Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wow...brain fart

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I seem to be making some really bad decisions with regards to men. My latest episode is no exception.

Mr Man contacted me on RSVP, we chatted a few times online and then I decided it was all too hard and deleted myself.

I had second thoughts a week or so later as he seemed like a nice guy but not wanting to go through all the stress of wondering if I'm his type, I just decided to text him my blog address.

Now, let me point out that I was not sure whether I was into him...that's never my concern (as I can decide that later). I just wanted to know if he was into me.

So I did it. He called me immediately to say how 'brave' I was to give out my blog address etc etc etc and that he would read it.

As I have already mentioned, he read about 10 minutes worth on Saturday night....but hasn't looked at it since! He did call me however on Tuesday to say hi and ask me a couple of things..about me..and blogging etc. I told him then that I'd done a Vlog and he should have a look.


He still hasn't had a look.

Bugger that!

I want someone who is interested in me. If he was interested, he'd read my fucking blog! Geez.
And no, he's not too busy, as he seems to have heaps of time to be online on the dating site so - that's it for Mr Man.

I doubt he'll even read this until I start rejecting his calls so, Mr Man...if you are reading this...


Oh and don't worry guys, I won't be giving out my blog address again. Don't need to spend my time sitting around waiting to see if I'm 'good enough' for a man....EVER. God, how demeaning..and I put it on myself. Brain fart indeed!

Anyway, as I said, hardly knew the guy. Experiment F.A.I.L.

Das Ende.


Em said...

Well sometimes its a big bloody game. I don't have the energy to understand it or want anything to do with playing a game. Either you like someone or you don't. Lifes too short to give too much, give too little, wait for the call, blah blah blah blah. I don't know how anyone does it. Thank god i'm fucked up in other areas ;)
Pffft to anyone that doesn't want to give you want you deserve. mwah! xx

About This Blog said...

Frankie, unfortunately he will never know, what he missed out on you, gorgeous girl! You deserve nothing less than the full attention and good on you, you don't accept anything else!

Frankie said...

Yeah it really is a game Em. I feel like he was just trying to keep me in a 'holding pattern' of sorts, while he got busy chatting to others on the dating site. umm....don't think so.

Hey B. aww thanks xxx

nwtrunner said...

Those of us that read your blog know that he blew it. His loss, as he'd know if he read through your current and past blog posts and looked/listened to your vlogs. :-)

Frankie said...

Thanks Alasdair xx (I'm not too worried about it though)

Leisl said...

Hey Frankie!

Thanx for joining my blog. I can SO relate to you right now. What is it with guys, and playing the game like "Em" said. I hate the whole "carrot dangling" thing, been a victim of that - life's too short for that crap.

Stay strong xo

Flea said...

Golly FRANKIE!! What if the poor guy got busy, his mum might've just died etc et. don't judge to quick babe, give it time time time. You can't rush these things. C'mon you are great, how many times do you want me to repeat it, stand up and belief it yourself! I think I need to buy you a coffee! I'm off next week still, I'll sms you or let me know when you are free!

Frankie said...

Hey Liesl! Nice to meet another IBO girl. Nope..not falling for ANY dangled carrots. Been there done that!

hahaha Flea his mum did NOT die LOL! Yeah ok coffee is good I'm free Friday during the day (got house inspe ction Wed so flat out and/or working other days.

Iris Flavia said...

Was the guy a stupid German or why did you end the post like that?!
Might be my stupid colleague! He told me seriously he "keeps" his girlfriend till he finds a better one. Now they´re engaged (and I wonder why she would do that! Or any woman, that man is ugly inside-out).

Wishing you luck with the next one!

Frankie said...

haha no Iris not german. Just got sick of saying "the end" in english all the time he he.