Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cherry of the Poo

Poo Cherry - will most likely be out of work in 8 weeks. My contract expires after 7 years with the uni and they've announced 'cuts' so I don't think I'll get another one. Really floundering as to what to do. There will most likely be work there towards the end of the year (grant funded) but I will need to find other work in the meantime.

My whole 'future plan' depended on me working at the uni as I've applied to transfer my studies there as well. I can't imagine another job allowing me the flexibility to be able to study, and be a parent etc. I'm actually quite devastated. It's been very dodgy the last couple of years with them only offering 6 month contracts instead of 12 month but it's really all coming apart at the moment.
I should be using this 8 weeks to apply for other jobs but I'm such a physical wreck, I don't know if I can manage it. The thought of having to go for interviews etc...I just don't think I can do it. But I guess I have to for the kids. If I am out of work, there's no karate, no dancing, no scouts....quite possibly no car.

Sorry, just having a sulk now. I've never been in this position - looming unemployment with the responsibility of two kids. I can't sleep. I feel sick in the stomach. I'm scared.

Oh and I have to have an endoscopy.

There ya go! Aren't you glad you stopped by?

PS - no sympathy comments required. Just tellin' it like it is right now. It's that or not blogging at all.


Em said...

Oh Frankie! Sending you heaps of love and positivenessness....
You'll get through all of this, you are one tough biscuit. XXOO
I'm just sorry that some of us aren't closer to help out in anyway we can.

Frankie said...

Thanks Em xxx

I feel like I've used up all my 'good luck' cards the last few years as something always seems to come up but have a bad feeling this time :o(

Kerry W said...

Hey Frankie

I was disheartened to read about your current situation, and just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and really do hope something positive will happen for you in the job arena.:) There's just so much crap happening to you ATM, and this year is definitely not turning out as we all expected. Hang in there...and I know you will. You always get through it, cause you're one tough woman. Keep blogging away, even if it just helps get things off your chest, and makes you feel better in some small way.

Sending lots of hugs and as much luck as I can muster.XOX (((((()))))) Kerry :)

judestone said...

Good lord. Bah.

Good on you for truckin on even in the face of your big poo cherry.

Job hunting at the best of times is shitty, there is never a good time - but I hope that it is as painless as possible.

BTW - I'm glad you're still posting.

LizN said...

You did your arvo cardio - positive.
Your hip is probably spasming because your hip flexors are in overdrive. Some gentle stretching and a warm bath may alleviate a little. Keep switching on TVa and draw up your pelvic floor.

See, no sympathy :)

nwtrunner said...

Am always glad to stop by for a bit of Frankie's World - the excellent days and the not-so-excellent days. I know it's cliche, but you just gotta stay on the plan you've laid out for yourself and believe that there's something better around the corner. And no, no sympathy either, just lots of respect and good wishes :-)

To Band or not To Band? said...

Hugs sweety!

Frankie said...

Thanks Kerry. Yeah 2010 not going quite to plan. Making positive changes already. Will blog about it tomorrow. x

Hi Jude. Fucking Poo cherries...arggh! I'm hoping if I keep up the exercise I will start to feel better physically and the mental part will follow. xxx

Thanks for that Liz. Will do. My hip flexors have shortened right up from all the sitting on my arse and I guess they are pulling everything else forward. Hopefully they will settle down soon :o)

Thanks Alasdair. Yep, still sticking to the plan I have set out. I know I will wake up one day and feel a WHOLE lot better than I do now. x

Band -(( hugs back )) Hope you're starting to feel better. Solids in a couple of weeks! yay for you!

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, gah! On the whole front! If the job-market is as bad as it´s here, you need a lot of luck in a ddintion to qualification... Fingers crossed for ya, sounds really frightening with all the responsibity on top of your health issues... Hope there are some good cards in the game of life soon...

Frankie said...

Hi Iris. Yeah I think I'm long overdue some silver cherries instead of POO cherries. Unemployment rate is still relatively low here so I'm trying to remain confident! x

Erika said...

I love that expression, poo cherry!!! Just describes these type of situations so aptly. Keep up the good work, Frankie.

Shar said...

Just wanted to drop in and say I will read the good and the bad coz you keep it real and if peope don't like the 'bad' then they don't have to read so blog what you wanna blog.

E mail me so I can set you up on the new blog as an author :) and we can get this support and accountability happening!!

PS no sympathy from me either

Flea said...

Ok same here, just sending you love and support, no sympathy :-)
My p/t job that I applied for and went to 3 interviews for .. got a call that said the Manager has decided to make it full time junior, thanks but no thanks.
So .. same here, got 3 more weeks of work (swim teach) and then no more!

Frankie said...

Thanks guys xxxx