Saturday, May 1, 2010

Job Job Job

Friday was a rest day. Thank Gawd!

Lucky it was as I spent nearly the whole day writing a job application letter. I confirmed with the Head of School in our part of the uni that my contract does indeed expire on 30 June and no sign of extensions at this stage. It's a shame, as there will be working coming in later in the year, maybe around September, but I can't wait that long and will have to find alternative employment immediately.

I'm ready to leave though. I've been there too long and I'm stagnating and losing my skills. It's like working in a rabbit warren. I've been stuck in the same office for 7 years and lately the number of people I get to interact with has declined rapidly. I'm bored out of my fucking mind.

The first job I have applied for is going back to the customer oriented side of things, which I love. It's with the Dept of Housing. My first two long term jobs, before I had the kids, were housing related and I really do have all the skills needed to do the job. I'm really excited about the prospect of getting it.

A few people have told me not to get excited about it though as, in their opinion, I am unlikely to get the first job I apply for. They are telling me 'not to get my hopes up'.

Bugger that! You GET what you BRING to yourself, and that's why I always fall on my feet. Why even apply for jobs if you have a negative attitude?

I have always HATED people telling me not to get my hopes up. I mean, if you haven't got hope...what the fuck DO you have? I even got a 'hope' symbol tattoo, to remind me.

I mean, seriously.....hope is everything.


cam said...

Skills, motivation and a great attitude...they'd be crazy not to take you Frankie.

nwtrunner said...

Here's to hope Frankie! Hoping for you to get what you're hoping for :-)

Kerry W said...

You said it Frankie...without hope what do we have? F#*K the naysayers!
It's refreshing to read you post today. Despite your challenges there's alot of 'possibility' thinking, and that's what I love about you...your F#*K EM! attitude when you have to dig deep. I have no doubt you will fall on on your feet. :)

Em said...

Fuck those arseholes! wankers. why do people do that?! the same ones that whinge constantly about everything negative I suppose.
Plus you are gorgeous, whats not to love eh? XX you'll get it!!! I have hope for you m'dear!

Frankie said...

Thanks guys. I'm staying VERY positive. I'm just visualising myself in the I visualised finding the perfect house.....hmm....maybe I need to start visualising a few other things.