Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Noes!

It's happened! My girl Alex announced on Monday night that she 'has a boyfriend'.


She turns 14 next baby.

Prayin' to God (notice how there IS conveniently a God when I choose there to be one?) that she's nothing like I was at that age. Although...I guess I was still pretty innocent at 14. But it was a fast and slippery slope over the next year and by the time I was 15 I was toting one big hunka manflesh on my arm. He was two years older than me, and had the testosterone and body of a twenty year old. Needless to say, I wasn't innocent for long.

Not so worried about Alex at this stage. This is her first boyfriend. He's in her year at school. I did a 'mini-stalk' of him on Facebook last night and, quite frankly, I can't imagine he's even got any pubes yet.

So I've established some ground rules and gonna play it by ear.

Alex herself said she doesn't quite know what 'going out with' actually entails...and right now it just means hanging around in the same group at school and telling everyone you are 'going out'.

At the moment there's a 'double date' in the planning with Alex, The Boyfriend, one of her best friends and her new boyfriend (they apparently all started 'going out' last Thursday, in some sort of mass, synchronised love frenzy). No doubt this will just involve the movies and outing that she and a mixed group of friends have been doing on a regular basis over the last year, so I'm happy with that.

My baby's all grow'd up.

Ethan is thrilled, probably at the anticipation of all the shit he can give her about it. I warned him to give her a break as one day he'll have a girlfriend and shit always comes back at you.

He doesn't care.

The conversation concluded with him kindly pointing out - "mum, you are going to be 50 by the time I have a girlfriend".

Little fucker.


Kerry W said... love em'!
It's good though how Alex is approaching this and seems very relaxed about it - not so serious. She seems to be very mature, and the group thing is always a good way to start.

Bit scary but...I hate thinking about Phil growing up. Glad it's you and not :)

Em said...

Awww growing up so fast!
Only thing I know is that all you can do is be supportive and educate! Alex seems like a good girl though and smart, so wouldn't worry too much...
I could say a lot more but won't as don't want to generalise on here and get shot down for it he he he!

lastchancetraining said...

You are so funny Frankie. Good luck to Alex!

Frankie said...

Alex is a pretty sensible girl Kerry so I'm hoping she'll continue to make good decisions (or I'll kick her arse!).

Yep Em, I've been 'telling it straight' to both the kids since they were small and it's definitely paid off.

Funny weird, or funny haha Liz? hahaha!

Nicole said...

oh oh..... I was fourteen once...hmmm... *worried*

(Seriously, I'm sure she will be fine. She has THE coolest mum on earth, and I'm sure you have taught her well)

Vix said...

So she's all growed up. I am sure she will be just fine Miss Frankie (although might I suggest you continue witht the FB stalking, one can never be too cautious!!)

LOL to Ethan (sorry but it is pretty funny) and don't worry - he'll get his own back...the sibling ribbing is all part of growing up ;)

Sandra said...

Welcome to my world, 14 and a half year old looks about 17...has a - wait for it...17 year old boyfriend...and I was 14 once too :o
Thing is, the first time they ever "went out" was to the footy with a big bunch and I rang his mum to suss things out. She was really glad I did and we've become "friends" in that we always drive the kids wherever they go and when they hang out at either of our homes they are watched and "chaperoned" by having a younger sibling in the same room...
My girls is quite sensible though and is a bit more mature than the BF in some respects, but the trick I think is to stay open and encourage communication at all times.
Sorry about the rant.

Linda J said...

How utterly lovely is your girl, Frankie. I know that doesn't put your mind at rest, but Alex is really beautiful :-)

Flea said...

LOL, you are so funny but serious the same time.
Did you watch Australia's got Talent last night, that busking mum in red so reminded me of you!!!
Full of life and energy.
Keep you head up ok.

Flea said...

Check The Twines out.