Sunday, May 2, 2010


So after my posting yesterday about the importance of having 'hope', I got an email from my dad's cousin in British Columbia, Canada (he doesn't read my blog).

It's a link to a live webcam in an eagles nest. I've been watching the mum tidy the nest and feed the cute.

But what I found so wonderful is that the baby's name is 'Hope'.

If you get a chance, pop in there and have a look. Getting dark now but might catch some action.

Just click on this link.

EDIT - well I had a better read of the site and apparently it was the chick born last year that was named 'Hope'. This year's chick is named 'Phoenix' (hatched Friday)...somewhat apt also as I fully intend to rise from the ashes as well! he he...

EDIT - July. It's with great sadness that I update this. Phoenix seemed to be growing and thriving and was days away from taking her first flight, when she came down with a sudden and severe respiratory illness and passed away. Poor baby :o(


Witchazel said...

LOL I am sitting here thinking... Its not working!!! Then I looked at the time below the picture square and realised its the middle of the bloody night so of course I can't see them... duh! another blonde moment!

Frankie said...

hahaa.. I've been lucky. Twice when I've randomly logged on she's been feeding the baby