Monday, December 6, 2010

Together Apart

So.....after last week's pathetic attempt at trying to do a VLOG update on my love life (below), I thought I would give it another go - 

It's going well.  REALLY well.

Today marks four weeks since Bams left and things are just...... lovely.

I thought our time apart would be excruciating.....but it hasn't been.  Things have just gotten better and better.  

Because we can only express ourselves with words (and the occasional pornographic photo), we've become closer than ever.  And as much as I would love to be near him, (instead of 4000 kms away), I can honestly say that I wouldn't change a thing.

Yeah, I'll admit I've had a couple of moments where I've let my over active imagination get the better of me, and have had what can only be described as a 'spazz', but overall, it's been just DELICIOUS.

And what's most delicious is the anticipation of when we will see each other again.  It's not like before, when we hadn't met yet.  It's different now.  And, I'm sure after our next meeting, it will be different again.  And what a meeting it's going to be!

In less than five weeks time Fifi, Bams and five kids aged from 11 to 15...together, in Sydney, for 8 days.  S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y.  I'm beside myself with excitement! (ok...and a little fear).  I just can't wait.  But I have to.  So, I will continue to enjoy all the romancing between now.......and then :o)

And, in January, we'll hatch plans for .... the next time.


blinder said...

Hi - Been watching this develop from a far (NZ) - Good on you two.

Me an my Partner will be in Sydney for a week in less than 5 weeks also - no kids :-)

I'm looking forward to lots of warmth, beaches, and barbies

Kitty said...

bammers is a sweetpea. so are you.

snap! xxx

Shar said...

Sounds like it will be an awesome trip Frankie for you and your kids.

I hope you have a countdown????? Cross of the days and feel the excitment deserve it!!!

Kerry W said...

And so the countdown begins...


Frankie said...

Hey blinder, nice to meet you - I saw you over at Kitty's! Yeah, the kids thing..hahaha not sure what we're getting ourselves into there but it will be an adventure for sure. Hope you enjoy your trip!

he he..thanks Kitty. Yeah, he's kinda sweet alright. x

Shar - the kids will have a ball. Now to find a few activities for them, that will give Bams and I some alone time ;o)

Kerry (and Shar) no countdown! noooo! We counted down the days last time and it seemed like FOREVER, so we're not doing it this time. Having said that, I am kinda counting the weeks, which are actually flying by at this time of year (yay).

Bambam said...

Nice post there Mrs. Awesome!

Don't worry about activities for the kids. If we get desperate, the two elder girls can babysit and WE can go out! hahahaha...

And NO counting the days - that was excruciating last time.

It'll be awesome... just like you!

Frankie said...

Hey Mr Bams. You know I love it when you call me Mrs Awesome ;o) Can't wait!!! xxx

Witchazel said...

fuck I am so happy that you are so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankie said...

haha thanks Cath. And I'm fucking happy you're happy that I'm happy! xxx

Flea said...


Frankie said...

Hey Ms Flea! Happy?

Em said...

i'm also very happy over here for you as well as being happier in general myself, must be in the air! XX

Frankie said...

aw thanks Em. Glad you're feeling happier these days xxx

Iris Flavia said...

Great you are happy and will see each other again!
Having lived for too many years in a weekend-relationship (till moving together), reading about not seeing each other and being so far away breaks my heart, though!
(just wonder why??? We live together for over 3 years now!)

But you seem to have found a great way to enjoy :-)

Frankie said...

Hi Iris. Yeah, we're making the most of what many would consider a 'difficult' situation. x Not difficult, just different.

Iris Flavia said...

Yips, Frankie, different - Ingo and I made it, good luck you two do, too! :-)
A friend of mine does it, too. They´re married now (k, it´s "only" 300 km, but, well, still kinda the same, no?). Good luck!