Monday, January 12, 2009

All grow'd up

So my 12 year old daughter walks into my bedroom today and announces "Mum I think I got my period". Brief Q & A session follows and it is established that she does indeed have her first period.

Now, I've always been very open with her about most things, women's health included, so this was no surprise for her and she was quite prepared for it, but it turns out I was the one who was not prepared - for her level of openness and willingness to discuss it...with everyone!

First she calls her three closest friends (none of who have their period yet) - the conversations all pretty much went as follows -

"Hi there, guess what?.... I've got something you haven't..... guess what it is? it's not it's not a surfboard.'s something you should get before you're 16! If you don't get it you can't have alright I got my PERIOD!"

I waited until the phone and text madness had died down and was looking for the phone to quietly call her dad with the news. Before I had the chance she bounds in..."ooh, and I'd better call dad"....WTF?? Don't I get to call anyone?......"oh and nanna". Damn.

I can't remember this much excitement since she did her first poo on the toilet, but that time it was me making the calls.

My baby's all grow'd up....*sniff*.


Top End Girl said...

Isn't it funny, by the time she's 25 she'll be over it!!!! I think it's good that the 'shame' of my childhood has gone in many ways and something that is natural is treated as such.

Raechelle said...

LOL-enjoy the excitement while it lasts 'cause I'm guessing she'll be over it in a few months!

Kerry W said...

Oh Frankie! I'm all teary...sniff...sniff. I took one look at the picky of Alex blowing bubbles, and I thought about Philomena and her growing up. Now I'm all sentimental...sniff...sniff...

P.S. Philomena has just started potty training and she did her first poo recently..yay!

Frankie said...

Yes guys I think she will be over it VERY soon. I was so embarassed when I got mine and we did NOT talk about it. Ah times have changed.

Kerry, I got all sentimental too when I was looking through photos trying to pick one.

Hilary said...

Wow thats too funny Frankie, I remember being more embarrassed than anything!!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

That is such a gorgeous story... I remembered how excited I was when I got mine and couldn't wait to tell Mum and she couldn't wait to tell Dad and everyone!! Then there was the time I got my first bra... a trainer bra that really didn't do much as I didn't have much to do it to, but it was still a bra nonetheless... LOL!! I loved reading this blog xxx

Frankie said...

Glad you enjoyed it Rae :)

Hmm...she starts high school in two weeks so I dread to think about the phone and text messages that will be flying back and forth when that starts!