Saturday, January 3, 2009

To Fringe or not to Fringe...Help!?

I've wanted a fringe for soooo long, now more than ever. I do remember having a fringe in my 20's and it was a pain in the ass but now that I am in my 40's I am thinking about it again.
Why? I hate my forehead. It's long and got scars on it and it's wrinkly and has a big widows peak and quite frankly I think it ages me. The hair dresser tells me NO every time I ask her about it as she said my cowlicks would not let it sit right. I hate my cowlicks!!! But I've been using my straightener and I can actually get rid of the cowlicks and flatten them out so I think I should be able to do the same with a fringe. I thought I looked good with a fringe. I need HELP!

Here's photo of me now (sorry, kids took the camera on holidays so it's a crappy phone one) and then there's me with fringes from It's a fun site but not much you can do without joining. They only let you try a couple of hairdos.

The photos below were just to give me an idea of what I would look like with a fringe, (not the actual hair do's). My hair is long and layered with the first layer starting at my chin so would just bring some up into a fringe. What do you think?

Going to colour my hair now...that might keep me satisfied for a while.


Kerry W said...

First make-over is too frumpy (like you've gone backward in time to the 60's).

I think no.2 is better, however, a shorter cut (same kinda style)...about shoulder length. I think that would really enhance your features (you look alot younger than you are....just gorgeous), and it's a modern, yet stylish look.

Anyway...that's my two-bob worth!

Frankie said...

Thanks Kerry. Don't worry I wasn't looking at the actual haircuts but just trying to see how I'd look with a fringe. Actually the bottom one is a little like my current do (when it's styled) but just with a fringe so that's most like what mine would turn out right.

ooohhh...I don't knooooowwww....

judestone said...

Hi Frankie, thanks for the recent comment on the blog! I appreciate the support and have really loved reading the last few posts of your blog (especially the green/amber/red system!)Looking forward to reading back a bit to get to know you better.

Me, I looooove a good fringe - but then I have a huge forehead, a la Tyra!

I say, bloody go for it!

A Healthier Happier Me said...

HI Frankie,

Thanks for the comment on my blog.. nice to know someone is reading!!

I really like your green red amber system, I might steal it for my blog too! : )

Best of luck with your plans...


Frankie said...

Hey ladies. Thanks for the comments. Well I'd like to take credit for the green/amber/red thing but that was from Shar's blog (she's in my blog list). I think it's great too as I can see when I've just not tried hard enough.

I feel like it's right out there now so I'm gonna have to try extra hard.



Pip said...

I think the fringe would look good on you, - no 2 is better!

Otherwise try a long side fringe, if ya don't like it you may even still be able to tie it up or clip it back but it's good compromise.

Good luck with the hair!

Trudi said...

Hey Frankie,
#2 cut is so much better. Hey perhaps you could as the Video guy what he'd prefer LOL!! He may like the new pixie POSH BECKS look? I had such a good laugh reading that blog. U r a sensational writer. Look forward to the next installment re Frankie's First Date! :) Trudsx

Frankie said...

ha..hey Trudi. Thanks. I wish I'd been blogging a few years ago when I was internet dating (I had about 26 dates..bit of a serial dater). Some weird and wonderful stories there. Yes...unfortunately you're all going to here about any future adventures..if I have any!