Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fly by post

A quickie today as in the middle of cooking up some yummy lunches to freeze for workdays.

Just wanted to say thanks to all you ladies for the lovely comments on my "All or nothing girl" post, they really meant a lot to me and boosted me up :o)
Going to be busy, busy this week - my daughter is nicking off down south to Albany tomorrow morning with her cousins so all the high school prep we were going to do this week has gone down tubes. She won't be back until next Sunday night which means I'll be doing it all myself (if her uniform doesn't fit...stiff bikkies!).
Oh, Jude the Step DVD is fantastic. I didn't actually do it (as I'm going to have to work up to that intensity or I'll stuff myself up again) but I watched it through twice and I am hanging out to give it a go. It's really fun and funky and done to a Latin beat with a drummer behind them. It's half hour long with dynamic warm up and cooldown included but you will be truly knackered by the end of it (well I know I will be!). Oh and the best thing is you need bugger all room to do it. You can adjust the moves and the height of your step according to your fitness level/ability. It's definitely going to be part of my collection.

I'll try and include it once a week in my program AFTER I re-jig it so that I'm gradually building up my cardio time/intensity like I should be, not going all out like a complete dickhead an ending up collapsed in my comfy chair for a week watching zombie dvd's and eating chocolate 'cos I've gone overboard.

Have a great weekend everyone. Might weigh in tomorrow as have a dinner party tomorrow night and I won't be wanting to weigh in Monday!
Hmmm..this was supposed to be a 'quickie' post ..... IF!




Spiffo said...

Those lunches you're preparing - now stop and think - do they involve eggs or fish?

Frankie said..., no tuna or egg.

PS don't look for my "guest" blogger posts, I had to remove them as her identity had been compromised.