Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Hey there. I know this has been around for a while but I listen to this Daft Punk song all the time in the car and can't help thinking of these two brothers who did the clip so I'm posting it again. A couple of girls came up with the idea originally and you can see their version here.

But, I prefer the guys for some reason (cos I'm a dirty old woman who loves younger guys??? - Hell yeah! ....SLAP...*ouch*)



A Healthier Happier Me said...

HI Frankie,

I'm having a bit of a dilemma so thought i'd come and visit a fellow IBOer
So far this week has gone quite well for my IBO program, I had a cheat meal of indian on Monday, but other than that I've pretty much stayed on plan. As of today i've lost 100gms!!! Weigh in is saturday... and I'm probably thinking prematurely... But i keep thinking that i'm doing something wrong as the weight isn't coming off faster... and reading blogs oif people who do weight watchers and have massive losses, so keep thinking maybe i should do weight watchers.. it's easier etc etc.

Any thoughts??


A Healthier Happier Me said...

Thanks Frankie... i agree with all of that.

Maybe I'm just looking for the quick fix! I did weight watchers a couple of years ago, and did find it difficult to pick foods that were healthy rather than just sticking within a points value.
FOr the time being i think I'll stick with IBO and the structure, and just work on getting it right... with no extras!!
after doing weights twice already this week, i feel stronger... and i like that feeling.

Thanks again for your help!!


Frankie said...

Don't worry, we are all looking for the quick fix!

I will probably have to go back to my IBO program sooner than I thought as I'm having some health problems (nothing major) that mean I probably won't be able to do this low carb diet I'm on. Oh well. I've given myself till end of July to get in shape so that's still heaps of time.

Seeing doctor today hopefully so will post when I find out.