Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Canuck Post Mortem

So....after putting his chest out there on the dating site, Mr Canuck still decided to contact me on the Saturday after our date.  Just a casual text...'how are you?' blah blah, all very friendly - then I may or may not have gotten stuck into him.

I may or may not have asked why he was bothering to contact me as his 'bod shot' on the dating site AFTER our date said quite a lot about his feelings on the whole thing.  He turned it around so that it was ME who wasn't interested and asked...'why can't you accept that I'm interested in you?' blah blah blah.  Pfffft!  Fucktard.

I then may or may not have mentioned 'kids in a candy store' and my aversion to being 'candy'.  He may or may not have stopped texting me after that.

Frankie - 1, Canada - 0.


Nicole said...

you're a fucking classic. And I love ya to bits xoxox

Kitty said...

ever since the premature fb add attempt i've not been a fan.

a bod shot post-coffee?



Frankie said...

Well I just can't be bothered. Rapidly coming out of the 'manzone' and into my 'cavezone'.

Yeah..seriously he's fucking weird. He took his profile down for ONE day and now it's back up and he's got a 'new' photo of himself circa 1990, god it's of those bad family portrait things with boofy hair, sitting backwards on a chair..fuck I wish I could post it. Fuck it I might.

Kitty said...

i see you've taken on your own pepsi challenge. well done. x