Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A conversation with my daughter (Facebook Edition)

Recently I noticed that my 14 year old had changed her Facebook profile photo to one of her in a bikini.  The photo comments went as follows.

Frankie - Put some clothes on young lady.

Alex - Well put your norks away mummy.

Frankie - Ok, let's call it a draw.

The end.


Bambam said...

Gotta remember who's the Mum and who's the under-age daughter in this scenario.

Solution? Daughter: put some clothes on. Mum: Keep your norks out ;-)

fitandfabinmyforties said...

Hmmm don't get me started, mine just turned 15...(daughter, that is)

Frankie said...

Bam - haha well it was actually fine. SHE was the age appropriate one....I was not.

Sandra..geez, tell me about it. I hate being at work when she's on holidays 'cos I can't monitor what's she's wearing before she leaves the house!

Nicole said...

Hi Frankie *waves*

I'm back in blogland... officially ! Yup, I posted. We'll see how long it lasts.

PS - You can get your norks out anytime you like honey, but tell that girl to get some clothes on !!! hehehe x

Flea said...

Cheeky girl, lock her up! LoL