Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frankie's Phatness

You may or may not have noticed that all my health, FM, fitness and fatness posts have been disappearing over the last couple of weeks.  They're not gone, just moved.  

I've not posted a lot about it this year...I think I only counted 13 posts.  That's because I'd had a gut full of it.  Pain, treatment, injuries...I just could not take one more physio or chiro session, so I went cold turkey.

Also, I'd become increasingly uncomfortable blogging here in this space about my health and fitness stuff.  This started out as a weight loss blog, but morphed into something else - way more fun.  I love hanging out here :o)  

But, I've got to pull my head out of the sand, have things treated, get fit again and kick some serious arse.  My wake up call was my knee fuck up recently.  I damaged the cartilage....and it's still not better, but it at least got me going back to the physio.

There's two sides to if you want to see what the other side gets up to...the link is in the sidebar.


Kerry W said...

I mean next year. :)

Kerry W said... the new look blog Frankie!

I'm over the injuries too. We can kick some ass together this year hey? :P

Frankie said...

I love it too! It's so fresh and bright! We'll do it this year or next year and we'll KEEP doing it. Permanent lifestyle changes...or in my case, reverting back to GOOD habits :o)