Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Date Report - Amended

And this is what I do.

Defences up...way up, before I've even finished the drive home.   "He doesn't like me, he can't possibly.  Much safer if he doesn't."

I was self conscious on our date, but that's because he was kinda cute.

I liked that he kissed me on the cheek when I arrived.

I liked it when he put his arm around me to move me out of the way of rampant cyclists.

He had gorgeous blue blue eyes.

He said I was beautiful.

When he kissed me on the cheek to say goodbye, I wished he'd kissed me on the lips.


EDIT - I was slapped severely around the head and shoulders today by two of my oldest friends (nearly 30 years I've known them), who know my game, know my crap and know what I'm doing.  So, now I'm out there...hanging in the wind, waiting for some guy to call me.  Happy?


To Band or not To Band? said...

Beyond happy! That is awesome, and girly, and irrational and fantastic!

Flea said...

slap slap slap slap slap.

I have so much to say .. but I think I've done so already ... haha sorry, I wanna see my lovely friend sooo happy! Just, well just bloody be YOU and bugga the rest!

*climbing off soapbox

slap slap slap xx

Em said...

stop being so hard on yourself. Of course you are allowed to be defensive. but let it just happen eh?
whats not to like about you anyway? i mean you are gorgeous crazy and lovely! XX

lastchancetraining said...

What Flea said - big slap! We all see the beautiful gorgeous Frankie , it's obvious that he should too.

Frankie said...

Thanks guys. I've just had so many bloody disappointments lately... will try to just go with it and not analyse the crap out of it x

Flea said...

Say to yourself, can I get a friend out of all this at least? See every person you meet in your life as an opportunity to learn something new, some will always come and go and one might just stay, but only YOU can give him the opportunity to get to know YOU so he can make that decision.
And visa versa off course.

And I read once you only know a person really well if you have seen that person angry, in pain and sad.
So you have to give it time and not rush it.

Good luck, all my fingers are crossed for you!

Frankie said...

I know..it's just been sooo long. I'm like a total novice at this!

Nicole said...

Firstly... I'm sure the cyclists weren't rampant...

Secondly.... four words - LIVE. IN. THE. MOMENT.

MWAH !!!