Friday, October 1, 2010

Canuck update

So here’s the gos'.

Last Thursday - Mr Canuck did not call.

Tuesday - Mr Canuck did call.

Tuesday - We agreed on Sunday morning coffee this coming weekend.

Wednesday - Went to my cousin's birthday party, thinking I look gorgeous in  my new dress.

Thursday - Saw photo of me from said birthday party, had a total freak out, told him I was a fatty boomba and cancelled our date.
Thursday - He texts me the equivalent of War and Peace and now we ARE having coffee again ('cos he's not a shallow wanker like me).

Shut up.

The end.


Sam D-M said...

Stalking cause your fabulous :)!

Hmmm are you going to call the police now??

Em said...

hehehehe! ;)
Frankie!! you're like a yoyo!
But a beautiful yoyo!

Frankie said...

Hi Sam! thanks *blushes* need to bring in the law just yet ;o)

I'm mennnnntal Em. Helps!

Flea said...

OH c'mon now, don't go be silly and spoil it all, you are curvaseous (god I hope I spell that correct) and ALMOST ALL men prever that to skinny woman. It's been proven!! You're not obese bloody hell or anything like that and sometimes we just have to accept what and whom we are. (speak for myself but anyway).

Leave the man to decide himself, and hey aren't 62% of Australian woman in the same boat as us??? Huh?

So stop being metal or I'll keep telling you off.
Just go, have fun and get to know the man and him you and don't go break yourself down infront of him, jeez Frankilicious, are you blind???

C'mon go have fun now and just relax and enjoy, you are so gorgeous and smart, I can say that because I know you in real life too not just bloggy land!

Cheerio, your friend! xx

xl said...

Unofficial RCMP motto:

The Mounties always get their (wo)man.

Frankie said...

aww Flea....thanks.

I don't know what the fuck's wrong with me. I picked him off the site 'cos I knew he wasn't a shallow bastard and there I go trying to sabotage it again. It's summer looming. I hate summer. It makes me MENTAL.

Hi xl! Thanks for visiting. But do the mounties always mount their woman? *slap* ouch... Now all I can think of is Nelson Eddy....

judes said...

I adore you. Can't wait to hear how it goes xo

Frankie said...

I feel sick Jude. I don't know how much longer I can do it. (luvs you too x)

Bambam said...

Can I take credit for the proliferation of the term "fatty boomba" or is it just more commonly used than I thought? haha!

Nothing wrong with a few curves darling -- and nothing worse than skin and bone.

Feel good about your body and the blokes will be right into you -- word....

Frankie said...

well Mr Bam, I have used the term before but it's been in the forefront of my mind lately so yes you can take credit for that. I DID feel good about myself today but he was a tough bugger to read. I'm absolutely clueless about this one. FUCKING CANADIAN'S!